2022-06-29 Release Notes


Excitement is high as Rutgers Law School Child Advocacy Clinic starts onboarding.

No one wanted to go live next week (possibly related to the US July 4 holiday).

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-06-30, then on live sites on 2022-07-08. ⏳

LS-86043: API mavens may be excited by a new endpoint that lets you retrieve a user's organization affiliation. Read all about it in the always enjoyable API Changelog.

LS-86104: Workflows have a new trigger type "New Case From Pending Case Transfer". Surprise! It will trigger a workflow whenever a new case is created from a pending case transfer.

LS-88334: API mavens felt limited by only being able to specify users by id. So now they can also do it by user_id and user_uuid. Maybe now they'll feel liberated.

LS-88913: Case folders can now be created in SharePoint via a new API endpoint. Sadly, the endpoint is not named "SPAPI" and pronounced "spappy". Don't fail to see the API Changelog.

LS-88988: GET/POST/PATCH the SharePoint Site and Library fields via API. If your site has SharePoint integration.

LS-89604: The Support Request modal (colloquially: popup window) has a Summary field text box that was letting you enter as much text as your heart desired. But in a devastating turn of events, this would cause an error in our ticketing system, which can handle no more than 254 characters in the Summary. The modal will now stop accepting anything in the Summary field after 254 characters. The Description field will still accept as much as you can throw at it.

LS-90523: Custom field values could, in rare cases, fail to display on a report. Rare turned into never with this fix.

LS-90538: Report writers rejoice. When editing a report filter, "Viewer Modifiable" and "Advanced" are no longer mutually exclusive choices.

LS-90550: Some didn't like a UUID (colloquially: long string of numbers and letters) being tacked onto the end of case email addresses when replying to an emailed case note. So we found a less offensive way to do what needed to be done.

LS-90587: Advocate/User Type selections in user-based report filters will now save. It's useful to politely preselect the relevant ones for your report runners (especially if you have a bunch of advocate/user types). Super extra useful if you are locking the filter because you only want people to see users of a specific type(s).

LS-90592: Added "?" icons for several of the fields that can be enabled in the In-Place Client Search block. We hope people find the help bubble text informative concerning the search results.

LS-90635: The Date Calculator block started setting blank dates when the trigger date field was changed. It was either rename it to the "Blank Date Inserter" block or fix it. We decided on the latter. Fix will be effective on live sites 2022-07-01.

LS-90664: Support pasting into the new style date fields as best as is possible.

LS-90666: Make calendar End Dates once again respond to changes in the Start Date in the expected way.

LS-90740: The "Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfer, Received" list view now has "Home Phone" and "Mobile Phone" columns available if your folks want to see that information.

LS-90786: Demo sites were briefly afflicted with an error going from the Actors step to the Map step when editing document templates. Fix applied to all demo sites 2022-06-24.

LS-90831: For you fancy people that have a dynamic Calendar section front, you may have noticed the side bar date picker and "Go" button was producing unexpected results. Trying to jump to 07/05/2022 sent you to May 7, 2022, also known as 05/07/2022 if you speak dd/mm/yyyy format. If your browser locale is US, it will now send you to July 5, 2022. Fix effective on lives sites on 2022-07-01.

Immigration form I-212 (2022-03-21) is wending its way out to sites with that module.

These nice folks have been helping the elderly, low-income individuals, and victims of domestic violence for over 50 years. Including getting kids access to public school. We weren't around back then, but we're excited to have been part of their work for 2 years this month.