2022-07-09 Release Notes


🏁 The Legal Project is excited. In general, but especially about going live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-07-07, then on live sites on 2022-07-15. ⏳

LS-83645: Laying the foundation for manipulating Assignments via API. You can see a UUID in reports if you really, really want to see proof of the work progressing, or if long strings of letters and numbers just excite you for some reason.

LS-86674: You're making an API call in your shiny Guided Navigation segment, and you're plucking JSON parameters (as you do). You know JQ errors are possible, and you'd like to see an informative case note created when there are. You'll like this change.

LS-89403: The Matter Case Credits list view has an edit pencil ✏️ on each row in the list. Wouldn't it be dandy if each pencil let you actually edit the row it is on? List view made dandier.

LS-90400: Embedded reports sometimes show unhelpful "Module" and "Module ID" columns, even when they don't appear when running or editing the report. We'll stop that from happening so you can stuff even more columns into your embedded reports.

LS-90444: Working with programmers is delightful. They say things like "Fix bug in form_container_popup singleton modal feature".

LS-90510: Fixed SSN searching in the In-Place Client Search block. While there, replaced unsatisfying things like "Error, please retry" with more informative messages.

LS-90753. Added UTF-8 conversion/encoding in CSV uploads. Improved error handling and messaging. All good things if you are uploading CSV files.

LS-90858: Years are four digits. Unless you are writing a tome on First Millennium social practices or similar. But if you insist on typing two digits, date fields will try to make an intelligent guess about which century you mean. If you insist on typing five digits for the year, you will get a friendly "Not a valid date prompt".

LS-91013: The Bulk Edit Case Title feature has been changed from a "case insensitive contains" search to a "case insensitive exact match" search.

These nice folks trace their origins back to 1893 and the Women's Educational and Industrial Union, and have never stopped advocating for change and increasing access to justice for all since then. We are thrilled to have been part of that mission for 7 years this month.