2022-07-13 Release Notes


Anticipation is high as 🏁 Covenant House and 🏁 Harvard Law School prepare to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-07-14, then on live sites on 2022-07-22. ⏳

LS-85660: You may notice some county fields also displaying the state, like "New York - NY" and "Miami-Dade - FL". Nothing to be alarmed or concerned about.

LS-87970: Accessibility Initiative: Removing attendees from a calendar event can now be done with the keyboard, not just a mouse (or other pointing device).

LS-90796: Some reports with custom fields decided to display a "Problem" error instead of a data table. The underlying problem has been fixed, but unfortunately some reports may need the offending custom fields to be removed and re-added.

LS-90578: The Closing Information side bar element shows a warning when a file is past its File Destroy Date. We deleted the "and needs to be removed" from that warning because removal is not a thing.

LS-90681: Unable to retrieve custom field data from a Service using the Get a Specific Matter Service endpoint? Try again after this change lands. While you're waiting, check the always informative API Changelog to see if anything is new since you last looked.

LS-90878: Make unchecking "Select All Non-APs for Copying by Default" in the Conflict Search Results block once again do what you expect.

LS-90886: Deleting a charge will now be an error-free experience when the charge has a spurious case credit subtype.

LS-91016: Document profile pages now display the file size if stored within the LegalServer file system. Documents stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, or SharePoint will display πŸ¦„ (or a boring "0" if you are not using LegalServer Emoji-Enhanced Edition).

LS-91026: Make the End Time for a calendar event automatically adjust to a change in the Start Time, in a sane and friendly way.

LS-91039: The results of a Search > Docket Number will once again show the client name and case number. The case number part was lost at some point, but we found it.

LS-91179: Sites using the "Add By URL" feature to put references to external files in case document lists were confused by the links no longer working. For lists of documents, the File Name column will be a clickable link to the external file. For the folder view of documents, the download icon for each file still leads to the external file; the clickable URL will still load the document profile page, but we still need to restore the clickable link on that page.

Starting with a class of 30 in 1908, these nice folks have sent thousands and thousands of starry-eyed young lawyers out into the world. For the last 11 years, some of them have been lucky enough to be introduced to case management as it should be. We hope some will see it again as staff attorneys in legal aid and public defender offices, and some when doing their pro bono work.