2022-07-20 Release Notes


Feel some excitement in the air? That's because 🏁 Housing Justice Center 🏁 is preparing to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-07-21, then on live sites on 2022-07-29. ⏳

LS-90703: You've configured your crosstab to display zeros, but recently became confused and saddened by a lack of zeros in your Excel exports of said crosstabs. Joy shall return on the effective dates.

LS-90123: Aficionados of the recently added Additional Offices and Additional Programs fields on user records may be interested in two new subtables on a System Users report: "Additional Offices (One Row per Additional Office)" and "Additional Projects/Programs [Multi Lookup]".

LS-91118: The "Today" link in the Date of Service filter on the Timekeeping Log will now honor your time zone preference. Never again will a hapless LA (colloquially: City of Angels) resident click the "Today" link at 10pm Pacific and panic because none of the time they entered that day is listed.

LS-91119: Plucking JSON parameters to store in a case note from Guided Navigation API Calls now works smoothly with Updating a Case from the response using JQ filters.

LS-91182: The document profile pages for external files (added to a case via the Add By URL feature) started showing a red warning sign and lost the clickability of the Title field (as a link to the external file wherever it lives). Normal operation restored on 2022-07-13 at 05:00PM Eastern.

LS-91246: The "Yesterday" date preset in report filters had an interesting and unusual concept of "yesterday". Usual and boring is what you want in your reports, so we're making it so.

LS-91296: Sites using EVT (colloquially: Electronic Verification of Time) will never see spurious "Finalize" links in the My Time popup window. Never again.

LS-91298: The Create New Case for Client process will now record the intake process used to create the new case, and thus honor the followup profile of that process. Very useful if you have different intakes and cases created with those intakes use different case profile views. You want your Peanut Butter cases to use the Peanut Butter Profile and the Chocolate cases to use the Chocolate Profile, right?

LS-91367: Got organization records with lots of Members? Lots of those members are inactive contacts or users that you really don't want to see? Do you despair at the thought of having to end the affiliations for all them? You will surely find joy by setting a default for the new "Contact Active" filter on the Members list view.

Since 1977, these nice folks have been providing a broad range of services to low-income, elderly, and vulnerable people. We're excited to note it is the 13th July we've been a part of that work.