2022-07-27 Release Notes


Call up your friends at Community Legal Aid and let them know how excited you are that they are going live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-07-28, then on live sites on 2022-08-05. ⏳

LS-77357: Create a POST/PATCH Assignments API endpoint. As always, wizards of the APIs should make their weekly foray to the informative API Changelog for new and changed things (not all of which get mentioned here in Release Notes).

LS-80044: ReferralHubbers may notice Location information showing up in all the places you hoped and dreamed it would.

LS-82023: The Keywords search feature available when using the Filter Publications option was sometimes blocking submitting the form. "Sometimes" because it depended on the order you clicked on things, or did not click on things. (Colloquially: "Javascript ate my keypress, but I'm the one with heartburn.")

LS-89289: Folks in the PD realm will be pleased to see that: 1) Editing a credit from charge based to not charge based will no longer leave the original charge on the case; and 2) Editing a non charge based credit to a charge based credit will no longer leave the the non charge based credit subtype hanging around.

LS-89629: The Family Information block has an option for "Include Country". Wouldn't it be grand if it displayed something? Like a list of countries? We thought so.

LS-91192: Need to send texts (colloquially: SMS messages) to non-US numbers? Feeling constrained by the US number formatting requirements? Be sure to check out the new "Omit Phone Number UI Formatting Requirements" in the SMS block. If you check that box, we will send whatever gets typed into the phone number field to the SMS Provider (a/k/a Twilio), to do with whatever they will.

LS-91288: Make the SharePoint Documents list on cases sort on the Modified column in the manner most humans expect.

LS-91304: Make the Signature Attestation list view once again show images of people's scrawlings.

LS-91332: Document profile pages now show "url" for the Storage Backend if the file is really just a pointer added via the "Add by URL" feature. May be changed in the future once we restock our uppercase letter supply.

LS-91335: Support People Finder in the Human Feature. Intriguing.

LS-91352: Expand assignments on the GET/Search Matter APIs to have the assignment response match the GET Matter Assignments API.

LS-91410: Improved an error message that almost no one will ever see. But we feel better knowing it is improved.

LS-91446: The Target Date field on a new Pro Bono Status Update has always helpfully filled itself in. Until it didn't, and sadness descended on many pro bono coordinators and their friends. This ticket lifts the heavy cloak of sadness.

LS-91642: Demo sites using the Okta flavor of SSO greeted hapless users with an error page on Thursday. Fixed that day.

LS-91664: Having the "Matches address?" column displayed started giving the Conflict Search Results block fits (colloquially: error popups). Fixed throughout the land on 2022-07-22 at 10:34am EDT. That column is only available on sites testing the Address Search feature.

LS-91731: Make the Outcomes V2 lookup list more performative by replacing the column showing the seldom-used "Outcome Subcategories" (and thus often just a column full of unhelpful "N/A"s) with a column showing the frequently-used "Outcome Value Categories" values (like "Lump Sum Recovery", "Bake Sale Proceeds", et al.).

At a clinic or in the courthouse, these nice folks help nearly 3,000 people a year get access to justice by guiding them through the maze of court procedures and forms. We hope the last two years with LegalServer has enabled even more guiding.