2022-08-03 Release Notes


Welcome the following organizations (a/k/a The August Cohort) as they prepare to begin their onboarding journey of discovery and wonderment:

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

California Indian Legal Services

Far West Texas Regional Public Defender

Legal Services for Seniors

Methodist Justice Ministry

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-08-04, then on live sites on 2022-08-12. ⏳

LS-82029: The Contact Merge Queue was frequently failing to do its thing. Possibly leaving you a queue longer than one for a great roller coaster. We can't help with your coaster adventures, but your contact merging efforts we have.

LS-87462: Calling a Premium API matter endpoint on a site that hasn't purchased that module will now return a friendly 402 response telling you that. Future development may include a "Buy Now!" link. API mavens have other items in the list this week, so don't fail to check the always informative API Changelog.

LS-89153: Added address information to the POST and PATCH methods for the Users API endpoint.

LS-90093: The Conflict Search Results block gets a new configuration option: "Restrict Search to Matters with Assigned Office Matching User's Office".

LS-90094: The Adverse Party block gets a new configuration option: "Restrict Search to Matters with Assigned Office Matching User's Office".

LS-90266: An API maven declared that the Search Matters API endpoint should return the Matter UUID for results=pro_bono and results=caller_id, in addition to returning it for results=full. We bowed to their impeccable logic.

LS-91354: The Incoming Transfer Alert Users feature (for sites receiving etransfers) gains a new "Exclude Organization Programs Matching" column.

LS-91585: The Enhanced Charges block lets you configure fields as "Read Only". Exciting, until you realized the field(s) you so configured were still editable on the front end. This ticket makes your wishes come true.

LS-91699 and LS-91743: The red text said "There was an error, click here", so you did. Fair enough. Until the spurious message is thoroughly eradicated, please ignore it.

LS-91749: Do your folks like entering Adverse Party Alert Text, seeing red names in search results as a result thereof, and seeing the alert text when they hover over a red name? They will be overjoyed to see the hover text working again.

LS-91766: Extend the "Include litigation results" setting to conflict search results. You can find this setting on the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page. Keep scrolling. It's in the penultimate section, labeled "People Search Results". Possibly soon to be re-labeled "People Search Results and sometimes Conflict Search Results".

LS-91738: The Program field available for timeslip forms has a "Default to Case or User's Program" configuration option. For a timeslip on a case, you'd expect that option to default the Program field to the case's assigned program, no? Seems reasonable, so this ticket makes it so.

LS-91779: Demo sites decided to start throwing an error if you tried to export a list to Excel. Deemed unhelpful, this was addressed effective 2022-07-29.

LS-91984: The following elements have been liberated from requiring the Immigration Forms module, and are available to all sites: Add An Immigration Entry block, Immigration Log list view, and Edit Immigration Log block.

LS-91994: Trying to sneak an invalid zip code value past one of the API endpoints? We were returning a 500 response (colloquially: "Nu-uh"), but decided a 400 "invalid_values" response is better.

LS-91995: The Family Information block's phone field labels are no longer stubbornly monolingual.

When your clients speak 30 languages and dialects, providing culturally competent and linguistically appropriate services is a challenge. A challenge these nice folks have been rising to every day for nearly 50 years.