2022-08-10 Release Notes


🏁 Congratulate the nice folks at Southern Nevada Senior Law Program for going live.

(This should have been noted in last week's Release Notes; the person responsible has been sacked.)

πŸš€ Welcome Potter & Armstrong County Public Defender as they launch upon their onboarding journey.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-08-11, then on live sites on 2022-08-19. ⏳

LS-80721: "Country of Origin" and "Country of Citizenship" are now included in etransfers by default, will appear on pending case transfer profiles, and are available columns in the "Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfers Received" list view. Sponsored by your friends at KIND.

LS-87813: The Tasks list view, which likely adorns your home page, lets you set custom default filters for "List Date" instead of the default 1 year back from today. Wouldn't it be nice if the list honored your configuration? We thought so. We added a "Last Year" preset to all the date filters while we were under the hood.

LS-89365 and LS-89366: Create Organization GET/POST/PATCH endpoints. Because API mavens have an insatiable appetite for endpoints. NB: The ever informative API Changelog updates may be delayed for a few days while the Lead Maven is on a secret mission at secure, undisclosed locations. How often and how obsessively you check for updates is up to you.

LS-89845: The Create Assignment block gains the ability to set a default Program for the assignment, and if you pick a default, to optionally make the field read-only.

LS-90273: The Enabled Add-On Modules section of the Admin > Metrics page now lists even more modules.

LS-90456: Search has had a plethora of available restrictions added over the last few months. If those are used, search results will start showing notes at the top like "Search results are restricted to matters in your office", and "This search does not include litigation results", etc.

LS-90820: The Arrests block received quite a bit of attention. It will now behave much like the Sentencing block (show a list, allow edits of existing entries, etc.). There are new configuration options for "Show Citation Number" and "Show Citation Note", it gets a new "Uncharged" field and configuration option to show it, and adds the ability to add a Law Enforcement Agency by search and select.

LS-91229: API calls can produce a lot of case notes. Have you dreamed of not displaying these by default in a case's Case Note List? Wished and hoped they were a specific Note Type? Dreams at least partially realized as POST and PATCH calls to the user and matter endpoints will now have a shiny new note type of "API Notes".

LS-91517: There is a new Workflow Step Type named "Add Note". It works in Case/Matter module workflows and does just what you think it would.

LS-91869: The case search and select box on a case timeslip will again show you "Next" and "Previous" links when the client you search for has more than 5 open and pending cases.

LS-91911: The Case Status shown in the Snapshot Top, Snapshot New, and Snapshot Version 3.4 elements on a case will be determined by Due Date first, and if none, then by Date Changed.

LS-91917: The "Client Survey Send Request" block at the heart of External Forms now supports the type "Attorney Related to a Case".

LS-91946: Several fields on the User Expense Type lookup values are required, but were not labeled as required. This ticket adds the red asterisks so you are not flummoxed by the dreaded "not-null constraint" errors. Suggested dinner party response to "How's work going?" -- "Oof. I kept getting not-null constraint errors in the database today. Don't you just hate that?"

LS-91985: Pro Bono configuration mavens noticed that the dynamic "Pro Bono Recommend List" list view lacks the "Date of Most Recent Referral Attempt" column seen on the static "Recommend Pro Bono User" page, which made them sad. This ticket will bring joy to their hearts. NB: The desired column will only appear if "Use Probono [sic] Assignment Attempt Tracking" is enabled. So it doesn't clutter up the list for sites not using that feature.

LS-92290: Small Help Menu changes (You know, the thing in the Search bar with a bell (?) next to it.) We've changed the "Main Help List" label to "LegalServer's Help Site". More descriptive, and helps distinguish it from the link to your organization's help site/documentation (if you've implemented that). We removed the "Block Help" link. No one loved it. We didn't love it. Why was it there?

LS-92419: We've removed (possibly temporarily) the "Search Name" box from the Cases list on the main Cases page (colloquially: the Case/Matter - Cases list view). It's going into the shop for some work.

For 45 years, these nice folks have been providing a broad range of services across their broad state. We're excited to note it's been 4 short years since they went live. We may go buy something to commemorate and help their cause.