2022-08-17 Release Notes


No major events to report this week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-08-18, then on live sites on 2022-08-26. ⏳

LS-86374: The Generic Outgoing API block on a branch logic form was executing even if the user's selections didn't invoke the branch logic form. Thus obviating your carefully crafted branch logic. Undesired and unexpected, so fixed.

LS-88178: Make creating a Case Alert via a workflow a joyful experience.

LS-90818: Add a system lookup value of "Law Enforcement Agency" to the Organization Type lookup list. Intriguing. System values usually mean something exciting is happening elsewhere, or will be.

LS-91153: A new "County of Residence + State" display-only field is available for your case profile decoration efforts.

LS-91369: Site administrators for sites doing electronic case transfers may be familiar with the "Map incoming values" and "Map outgoing values" pages. Each of those pages now bears an "Export as CSV" link. Useful, for example, when you need to show someone (or a consortium of someones) how field X is mapped. You can still share screenshots if you prefer.

LS-91727: The In-Place Client Search block gets a new configuration option: "Show Begins With search options for name".

LS-91741: If you text someone "HEY! Hearing is TOMORROW!" from a case, the SMS Log will no longer display that as "hey hearing is tomorrow". NB: Recipients have always received messages as entered. This ticket fixes the display issue in the log.

LS-92265: Knowledge Resource [citation needed] document links will now hint that your browser should open/preview the document in your browser instead of downloading it. Well-behaved browsers will take the hint.

LS-92283: You went to Admin > Site Settings and set "Show Case Information In Page Title" to "No". Then you were confused when browser tabs still showed the client name and case number. We were too, but now we won't be. And neither will you.

LS-92350: Sites using Advanced Grants Management may find the new user role permission "Resolve Own Timeslip Questions" intriguing.

LS--92436: A recent change to API Core broke Search endpoints when validate_only endpoint parameters were part of the request. That's embarrassing. Fixed.

LS-92488: The Cases list on client profile pages (you know, the page you see if you click on a client's name) now displays Date Opened and Date Closed columns. 8 out of 10 testers rated seeing these columns as "Joyful". (Loki and Ravonna missed the deadline to vote, so it's effectively 100% support for this change.)

These nice folks envision a community free from all forms of sexual exploitation and work every day towards that goal. We're pleased to have been a part of that for one year this month.