2022-08-24 Release Notes


No major non-stealth events to report this week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-08-25, then on live sites on 2022-09-02. ⏳

LS-83305: The "County" field displayed by the Address International block is now a combo box (combination search and select and scrollable list).

LS-84351: Twilio (SMS) error messages are exciting, but a bit inscrutable to the average busy person, especially when buried in a Support Request popup. Let's display them on the page in a more friendly manner. We can't add funds to your site's Twilio account (the cause of 94.22% of these errors), but this is an improvement nonetheless.

LS-89368: If your API call POSTs a new organization affiliation to a user endpoint, an existing affiliation will automatically get an End Date. You know, the same thing that happens when a human adds a new organization affiliation using a keyboard and pointing device. General reminder to always check the friendly and informative API Docs Changelog.

LS-90169: The Disposition block gets two new configuration options: "Show Case Status Due Date" and "Default Case Status Due Date to Today". The latter will set the Due Date even if the former is not selected.

LS-90571: API mavens who like setting things to NULL will be beside themselves with glee upon learning that POST and PATCH endpoints will accept %empty% as a field value. At least where NULL is acceptable for any given field.

LS-90974: The confirmation email sent when a Support Request (colloquially: a ticket) is filed from a site has been displaying a broken image placeholder instead of our logo. Fixed.

LS-91319: The "Counties" field you may have on a user form goes from being a multi-select list to a search and select. Part of the "All the Counties" initiative to better support multi-state and national programs. A multi-select list of over 3,000 counties is not something anyone wants to deal with.

LS-91845: You're a maven and have used the Lookup Transform Index feature to pivot columns in a report. But you've been perplexed by the edit pencil on your pivoted columns displaying a properties window of nothingness. You'll be a happier maven now that those windows will display all the goodness you expect.

LS-92261: Improved the search results when using "Begins With" on a partial phone number in Search > People searches.

LS-92322: Searching for only a Social Security Number in the In-Place Client Search block will now do that search instead of displaying a not particularly helpful "List Render Failed" message.

⭐ LS-92395: The "Search Full Name" box on the Cases list is out of the repair shop and better than before. Null values in name fields are now handled with aplomb. Pressing the "Enter" key will now initiate the search. Yes, Virginia, you read that right. No need to use the "Tab" key or wait 2 seconds. The new "Enter" key behavior will apply to many, many of the "filter bar search boxes" on other lists. One hopes all of them.

LS-92423: Client Alerts did not stop making the client name show up in red text in search results. But the hover text did stop showing up, and the name was no longer clickable. Fixed.

LS-92435: An online applicant could encounter great sadness if offered clinic appointment slots, they picked one, then canceled, and then tried to pick another slot. This ticket removes that sadness.

LS-92453: Deadlines could sometimes appear on the Week and Month view of the calendar, but not the Day view. Undesirable, so fixed.

LS-92478: Have you or your charges ever noticed what your browser tabs display on LegalServer pages? If you want to play around with that, the existing "Show Case Information In Page Title" setting is joined by a new "Show Site Abbreviation and Module ("abclegal: Cases:") in Browser Tabs" setting. Much easier to go flip those off and on on the Admin > Site Settings page than read a long explanation of what they show or don't show. Adjust to taste. And no, Virginia, these are not a personal preference each user can decide on.

⭐ LS-92580: Avid Release Note readers may recall LS-91298, wherein the Create New Case for Client process started recording the intake process used to create the new case, and thus honoring the followup profile of that process. That goodness has been extended to the Quick Case Copy feature.

😥 LS-92694: External form profile pages, like say a completed retainer agreement you wanted to see/print, decided to display an error instead of said profiles starting last Friday, 2022-08-19. A fix was pushed out to all sites at 12:47pm PBDT (Palm Beach Daylight Savings Time).

Let these nice folks say it in their own words: "Most of [our] clients are women of color, heads of households, aged 25-44 years old, and women with ambitions to launch their own businesses, organize movements, build homes and lead full thriving lives. It is our honor to work on their team and, in doing so, work towards our collective liberation.” We're excited to have been a part of that for 2 years this month.