2022-08-31 Release Notes


Welcome these organizations as they began their onboarding journey to a case management system of wonder and delight:

πŸš€ Mid-Missouri Legal Services

πŸš€ Washington Innocence Project

πŸš€ Wyoming Children's Law Center

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-09-01, then on live sites on 2022-09-09. ⏳

LS-88181: Workflows: Fixed a bug causing HTML tags to appear within the email body of emails sent via your shiny workflows.

LS-90466: Got Electronic Case Transfers? Check out the bushel basket of new fields added on the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page. Citizenship Status, Interpreter Needed, and more.

LS-90951: The Add Event block could cause sadness if the event the hapless user tried to create was an All Day event. Source of sadness identified and eradicated.

LS-91024: If you are changing filters on the Day/Week/Month view of the Calendar, you'd like to stay on the same tab after clicking "Apply Filters". We would too. Now we all will.

LS-91754: The HUD Median API block will start displaying helpful messages like "HUD State Median Income information is not available for DC" and "Could not determine FIPS Code of County of Residence, median income API is unavailable", and "Income has not yet been populated, median income API is unavailable", and so on. In case you are wondering why the "N/A" for some of the fields.

LS-92555: Subcategories for the Multiple Outcomes V2 block will show up when expected, without having to click "Show All Values". Previously fixed in May, we'll call this The Ultimate Forever Fix.

LS-92732: Verify pay period links decided to take a holiday from Homepage Alerts and the MyTime widget for sites using Electronic Verification of Time. Links were still on the main Timekeeping page, but more places is better.

LS-92745: If a Guided Navigation dialogue is complete, why show the busy user a Previous button? Especially one that might cause an error when they try to continue on their merry way.

LS-92883: Report filter popups (colloquially: modals) in edit mode stopped closing after you clicked one of the shiny buttons inside the popup. The buttons were working, and the popup did close, but immediately re-opened, confusing even the savviest of report writers. Fix pushed out everywhere on 2022-08-26.

Since their start 26 years ago, these nice folks have served more than 145,000 individuals from 160 countries. We're excited to have been a part of that work for 13 years this month.