2022-09-07 Release Notes


No major events, happenings, or goings on to note this week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-09-08, then on live sites on 2022-09-16. ⏳

LS-67815: The Create Assignment block on an outreach form will no longer display an End Date field. Creating an assignment and immediately ending it is an odd workflow, even on an outreach, and created approximately 100% more problems than it solved. Assignments can still be ended via the shiny Edit pencil on the Assignments list view.

LS-86018: The Active field on a dynamic Service record is always required (colloquially: has a not-null constraint), but we made you remember to check the Required box in the field configuration. Rude. Fixed. Related: The eponymous endpoint is affected as noted in the API Changelog.

LS-89076: Removing filters on the main Cases page Cases list and then using the filter bar "Search Name" box could result in sad results. Fixed.

LS-92662: You're a Guided Navigation maven. You're an Online Intake maven. So of course you want to use the Signature Attestation block in your shiny GN dialogues on your Online Intake Site of Wonderment. Now you can.

LS-92680: For those souls who must file Case Disclosure Reports with Legal Services Corporation (America's Partner for Equal Justice), we've modified the "Moving" and "Responding" subtables so you can put names and addresses in separate columns.

LS-92716: The Case Data > Arrests subtable in reports gets some exciting new subtables, like "Law Enforcement Agency", "Arresting Officer", and "Related Charges".

LS-92916: The Family Information block gets a new configuration option: "Show Maiden Name (not used in searches)". This clarifies that any text entered in that field is not included in searches, and lets you hide it (the field).

LS-93016: Entering a zip code on a demo site would jump you past the address fields directly to the first county field. Ouch. We applied a fix that kept this errant behavior from ever sullying any live sites.

For nearly 40 years, these nice folks have helped reunite families, stave off evictions, resolve immigration issues, start small businesses, and much more. We're excited to note we've been part of this for 8 years this month.