2022-09-21 Release Notes


No significant LS events to report this week. In other news, the equilux nears.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-09-22, then on live sites on 2022-09-30. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog. Unless you just aren't interested in additional fields being available for POSTing and PATCHING to the Matter endpoint, and additions to the Online Intake Import API.

LS-87200: Failures from the "HUD Median API" block are now logged as case notes with the note type "HUD Median Income API Responses".

LS-92010: The Cases Assigned to Organization list view was fine if you didn't touch the column configuration. Touch to your heart's content after this fix lands.

LS-92715: The "Arrest Information" list view and "Arrest (Singular)" block have received some sprucing and now pair nicely together in a joyful experience.

LS-93113: Asset categories set to "Default to Excluded" will now do what you hoped and dreamed they would in an online intake (using the Online Financial Information - Detailed" block). The same thing that happens in the Assets block with a standard intake.

LS-93214: Guided Navigation mavens using the generate document action were displeased that the "Show link to document" option would break their dialogue of wonderment. Fixed. "it's turtles containers all the way down".

LS-93288: The Matter Level of Service list view decided to start showing you only the current level of service instead of the full history of all changes to the eponymous field. You like history. We like history. We'll all be happier now.

LS-93293: You edited your Family Members list view and put the "Bundle(s)" and "Case/Matter(s)" columns in the Disabled Columns section. Confusion led to consternation as those columns kept displaying despite your herculean efforts. Confusion and consternation will be relieved with this fix. While we had it in the shop, we noticed the Litigation and Timekeeping list views suffered the same affliction. Also fixed.

LS-93337: Don't allow an online intake applicant to book more than one clinic event. Even if they think they need more than one.

LS-93381: Demonstrate state persistence across tabs.

For over 40 years, these nice folks have been working to end domestic violence through prevention, advocacy, direct legal services, and more. We're excited to have been part of that for one year this month.