2022-09-28 Release Notes



Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-09-29, then on live sites on 2022-10-07. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog. New fields for Online Intake Import, and possibly so much more.

LS-73730: Enable token authentication for the Reports API. (Fairly sure "token" is a noun there, not an adjective)

LS-78810: Reports API calls now support the query parameter "display_hidden_columns=f". For those situations where you've hidden columns on a report and don't want that data to be retrieved. To maintain cosmic balance, the parameter will also accept a "t", a "1", a "0", and an empty value. The suggestion to accept "r" for "random behavior" will not be implemented.

LS-91809: Add "Multi-Racial" to the LSIndex Race values. Of interest if you map lookup values for electronic case transfers or are an API maven making use of LSIndex (colloquially: the Rosetta Stone).

LS-93354: Does emailing a Password Reset Link to a user who can't login make sense? Not really. So the shiny, oh-so-clickable button will be replaced with a helpful message telling you the user is Login Active = No.

LS-93445: Make the inbound email processor more tolerant of things like apostrophes in email addresses.

LS-93478: Make the "Omit Phone Number UI Formatting Requirements" option in the SMS block more tolerant of how numbers, particularly non-US numbers, can be entered.

LS-93568: New Style Document Template processes allow changing information "on the fly" as you walk through the process. But if the template involves a user, say the primary assignment on a case to insert their name, phone, etc., this can be troublesome. Changing user information will no longer be allowed unless the user role of the person completing the template process has the "Users: Add/Edit" permission.

LS-93662: The County of Dispute field on an online intake form was missing the "search" part of "search and select", leaving a sad empty box on the page. Sadness removed. Related: If the state/region you're doing online intakes for doesn't have dozens or hundreds of active counties, and you'd rather show your online intakers a dropdown list instead of a search and select, you can file a ticket (colloquially: Help menu > Support Request) and ask for a magic flag to be enabled.

LS-93672: The Dialogue Runner block that runs your shiny Guided Navigation dialogues of wonderment gets a new configuration option: "Show start over button on completed dialogues".

LS-93698: Some Guided Navigation dialogues were displaying a never-ending "Loading ..." popup on demo sites. Fixed pushed out on 2022-09-22.

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