2022-10-19 Release Notes


🚀 Excitement level is high as SWLA Law Center prepares to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-10-20, then on live sites on 2022-10-28. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog. Get your metadata. Get your data arrays.

LS-92405: Rejecting a pending case transfer will still display a transient "Success" message near the top of the next page. But that message will no longer include errant text with HTML tags in it.

LS-94014: The Outcomes v1 block developed a nasty habit of duplicating any outcome you entered up to 19 times. Ouch. Fixed.

LS-94125: The "Add Case/Matter to Bundle" block on your shiny bundle auxiliary form will now meet all expectations. Assuming your expectation is that it lets you add a case to that bundle.

LS-94146: The "Client Last 6 Digits" field was an untruth. Instead displaying the first 6 digits. If you have Fort Worth-sized Client IDs, rest easy. This ticket makes the "Last" part true.

LS-94175: The Case Specific Questions block's "Case Questions Read Only" option was confused about what to display when it hit branch logic. Confusion removed.

LS-94246: If your "Sync to Central" list of cases is governed by a report, the list will no longer have an undesired filter on Date Closed.

LS-94247: The SMS Consent Preferences block will no longer force you to enter an "SMS Phone" number (even when you select "Does not consent"). And the "SMS Phone" label has been changed to "Client's Mobile Phone" since, well, that's what it is.

LS-94401: The Activity Log list view started displaying a gray bar at the top of the list -- one for each row in the list. 19 rows = 19 gray bars. Although a cool-ish representation of how busy the case has been, the bars were deemed undesirable, so this ticket will remove them.

LS-94421: All sites using SMS will now have the "Inbound Message Matching Logic" option on the SMS admin page. The default is the original/current matching logic, so no action is required. But really, Virginia, you almost certainly want to check out the new options.

These nice folks believe a life free of violence and abuse is a basic human right, and they've been working for their clients to achieve that since 2008. We're excited to note we've been part of that work for 7 years this month.