2022-11-02 Release Notes

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-11-03, then on live sites on 2022-11-11. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog. You might find some new lookups available in the Core API. Careful readers will notice new Road Map and Known Issues items in the sidebar.

LS-81558: The Case Data > Charges subtable in reports will now properly handle custom multi-select lookup fields that use a system lookup list.

LS-87912: "Show inactive values" in a report filter on a custom lookup field was there, but doing nothing. Sadness. It will now do what you expect and need it to do.

LS-92706: The "Set Pending (Only)" block gets some exciting new configuration options: Default Case Status, Default Program, Caseworker Label, and Show Case Pending Email Notes (to show or hide the email bits).

LS-92924: Is your Charge lookup list bountiful (like in the thousands)? Would a filter on Statute Number make your life immeasurably easier? If so, joy is headed your way.

LS-93878: If you receive electronic case transfers, and you have alerts setup, and you use the "Exclude Organization Programs Matching" option in said alerts, you were saddened to find that entering more than one Program made the exclusion stop working. This ticket makes the "s" in "Programs" meaningful.

LS-94317: For list views that bear a Search box, searching, then changing your search text to do a second search should now be a more pleasant and fruitful experience (colloquially: "less wackiness").

LS-94355: The "Arrests (Singular)" block gets a plethora of new configuration options that let you control the verbiage displayed: Block header, Citation number, Arrest label, Arrest Date label, Arresting Officer label, and Arrest Note label.

LS-94404: Trying to start intake on a pending (electronic) case transfer was a sad, error-laden experience if the sending site supports multiple funding codes, and had recorded more than one on the case they transferred. We will now accept the primary funding code, ignore any secondary funding code, and let you start your intake.

LS-94433: Deleting a Guided Navigation destination segment could cause "unknown segment" errors for people trying to run the Dialogue. More robustness in handling segment deletion added.

LS-94602: There is a new trigger available on Workflows called "New Case Document From Pending Case Transfer". The trigger is activated when a case document is created from a pending case transfer.

LS-94627: Add support for the "U" (unique count) on number columns in reports. That's right, Virginia, now you can get a unique count on the Client ID column. Unique number of cases and unique number of Client IDs in one report. They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong.

LS-94658: Organization merges could fail if your site has custom fields in the organization module. Undesirable, so fixed by this ticket.

LS-94700: Selecting an Institution in the Address block was not always populating the address despite the corresponding organization record having an address. Corner cases handled.

LS-94798: Fixed an issue on demo sites that would cause failures when saving a form with the Address List block on it with certain GIS configurations.

LS-94893: Many report Summations started displaying "Failed to load" instead of your carefully crafted totals. Particularly unpleasing on home page dashboard-type embedded reports. Fixed everywhere on 2022-10-31 at 13:02 UTC.

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