2022-11-09 Release Notes


Welcome the following as they begin their onboarding journey of discovery and wonderment:

🧭 Acadiana Legal Service Corporation

🧭 Advocates for Basic Legal Equality

🧭 Baton Rouge Bar Association

🧭 Central Louisiana Pro Bono Project

🧭 Children’s Law Center of California

🧭 Inter-Group Relations Division of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations

🧭 Lagniappe Law Lab

🧭 Lafayette Pro Bono Project

🧭 Legal Aid of Western Ohio

🧭 Legal Services of North Dakota

🧭 Mental Health Law Program of Community Legal Assistance Society

🧭 Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic

🧭 New Orleans Pro Bono Project

🧭 Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

🧭 Southwest Louisiana Bar Foundation

🧭 Shreveport Bar Foundation

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-11-10, then on live sites on 2022-11-18. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog. Reports API will now return a 401 on authentication failure. And likely other tasty bits.

LS-92617: The Case Note List block gets a new configuration option that lets you point "Edit" links on notes to a shiny dynamic process you've created. Let's say you've turned off the ability to email case notes when adding them. Now you can maintain that if someone edits an existing note.

LS-93198: Guided Navigation's "Action: Create a Document" will now check for an officially sanctioned SharePoint folder on the case. If it finds one, you can probably guess where it will store the newly created document.

LS-94091: Eagle-eyed admins may notice a "Confidential" field appearing on field profile pages. You may safely ignore it until further notice.

LS-94116: If you've entered an address like 1234 "O" Street (note the pair of double quotes), the Snapshot Top block will no longer display it as 1234 "O" Street.

LS-94203: The Pro Bono Opportunity block gets a plethora of new configuration options. Show, hide, require -- many options. Guardian Ad Litem Certification Needed, Summary of Upcoming Dates, Pro Bono Engagement Type -- and so much more.

LS-94349: Unchecking the "Show Arrest Note" option in the "Arrests (Singular)" block will now do what you hoped and dreamed it would.

LS-94350: The "Arrests (Singular)" block gets a new "Require Uncharged" configuration option. Guaranteed to do what you think it will from the git-go (unlike the initially-errant "Show Arrest Note" option above).

LS-94656: The quest continues to show hapless online applicants who enter dates like "11/9/20221" a friendly message instead of an error.

LS-94778: An Advanced Grant Filter on timeslips should properly support the Office field, right? Sandy thinks so. We agree.

LS-94866: InCert now handles Rule Groups in your Guided Navigation logic the way you want it to; properly.

LS-94906: "Exclude from bulk edits" on Charge lookup values now bears a red star/asterisk indicating it is a required field. Being a secretly required selection that would throw an error if you ignored it was deemed unfriendly.

LS-94924: If your shiny Guided Navigation segment logic tests a date field, and that field is null when the dialogue runs, let's evaluate that test as false instead of throwing an error.

LS-95007: In a previous episode of Release Notes, we said the Online Intake Appointment block was getting two new configuration options: "Restrict to Appointment Slots Matching the Intake County of Residence" and "Restrict to Appointment Slots Matching the Intake Legal Problem Code". At the time, that was an untruth. Now it will def be true. Fershur. The new options are unchecked by default, so you do not need to change your existing setup unless you want to use them.

There are so many of these nice people that their staff users list doesn't even have a "View All" option. It takes a lot of people to get out there every day and defend and protect the rights, liberties, and dignity of those accused of crimes who cannot afford to retain counsel. We're excited to note we've been part of that for one year this month.