2022-11-16 Release Notes


πŸš€ Legal Wellness Institute at The Family Center prepares to go live πŸš€.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-11-17, then on live sites on 2022-11-25. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog. You might discover an endpoint getting a plethora of new fields.

LS-90003: The Client Survey Send Request block could occasionally leave you with a sad error page because of a missing ID. Known as a race condition, this ticket makes sure we, the hapless end users, always win.

LS-93430: If en_gb is your locale of choice, you may be relieved by some report edit mode date format fixes. Or at least less confused/frustrated.

LS-94471: If you edit a hidden column in a report, wouldn't it be grand if the modal (colloquially: popup window) closed when you clicked on Apply or Apply and Refresh? We thought so.

LS-95004: If you have a Views menu configured on an alternate case profile to display a list of Profiles, the list may be duplicating the links therein. This ticket de-duplicates them.

LS-95034: The Online Intake and Redirect to Next block wasn't passing along the applicant's date of birth to the next site's online intake. Now it will.

LS-95347: The Responsible for Calling block's option of "Require Callback Assignment (not required on first page of intake)" will again require a user when it is on the second (or later) step of a prescreen or intake process.

LS-95419: Distributing tiny, tiny amounts of time on a Project timeslip across many, many grants is now handled much, much better.

LS-95508: The "Organization Name" label for the client name of a group case can now be translated. Joie.

"It's almost worth getting old to become eligible to have the opportunity to access this outstanding service. It was top notch." These nice folks hear that sort of thing all the time. We're excited to have been part of their work for 5 years this month.