2022-11-23 Release Notes

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-11-24, then on live sites on 2022-12-02. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog. (Release Notes are early this week, so you may need to wait a bit for the cron job that invokes the APIBot to trigger.)

⭐ LS-87789: Medical Institution Departments on organization records will now show you any cases a department is connected to -- and here's the beauty part -- will let you delete a department without an error page of sadness and frustration.

LS-93429: We sent a developer into UK phone number parsing land. He seems to have emerged mostly intact. Only time will tell if he has suffered any permanent neurological or emotional damage.

LS-93855: In days gone by, the period (or "full stop") key on your keyboard would open the Actions menu if such existed on the page you were on. Some missed it. So we brought it back.

⭐ LS-94369: Got an external form? That you send to, say, a pro bono attorney on a case? Imagine your delight when you edit your external process, look at the "Identity Verification Type" choices, and see "Bar Number" as an available option.

LS-94581: Continued work on the data analytics materialized view. Intriguing. And surely part of a wonderful upcoming attraction.

LS-95382: Adding time via an Add Case Note form will no longer show a "Posted on" time in the classic (yellow) case notes that is several hours later than the time you actually did it. Where "several" is how many hours UTC is ahead of your local time.

LS-95497: Odd pay periods and the insanity of losing DST is a potent combination; sufficient to confuse the My Time widget's display temporarily. No data harmed; purely minor visual incongruities. #permanent_dst

LS-95501: For sites with the GIS module, address validation with Zip+4 enabled will now consider a value in the Apt#/Suite# field.

LS-95599: Wouldn't it be nice if Incert pages resumed indicating which fields were required? We thought so.

LS-95680: For sites doing electronic case transfers, or otherwise poking around the LSIndex, we've added "Non-Binary" to the LSIndex values for Gender that can be mapped to and fro.

LS-95952: Is your Admin > Guided Navigation page a bountiful list of shiny dialogues? Would it bring joy if it was sorted by Dialogue Name? At least one person thought so.

If you are looking for any of these nice folks, there's a good chance they are at the courthouse keeping someone from facing an eviction unrepresented. That's where they've been for 20 years. We hope their first year of having LegalServer has helped with that mission.