2022-12-07 Release Notes


Welcome these nice folks as they begin their onboarding journey of wonder and discovery:

🧭 Alliance for Children's Rights

🧭 South Coastal County Legal Services

🧭 Children's Law Center of Massachusetts

Be excited for these nice folks as they prepare to go live next week:

🏁 Bonneville County Public Defender

🏁 Potter & Armstrong County Public Defender

🏁 Rutgers Law School Child Advocacy Clinic

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-12-08, then on live sites on 2022-12-16. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.

LS-41392: Trying to etransfer a case with more than 100MB of files will no longer end in the sadness of an error page. A friendly warning will issue if you click "Continue" in this situation. Bonus: You'll now see a message at the bottom of the list of files that gives you the total size of the selected files. Bonus Bonus: As you uncheck boxes, the total file size shown will update so you'll know when you are at or below 100MB.

LS-83826: The Case Status History (for Editing) block's edit pencils will now do what you hoped they would.

LS-89516: What's this -- a "Delete All Drafts" button on the note drafts page? Nice. Guaranteed to work even on Texas-sized lists of drafts.

LS-90255: The File Destroy Date block gets a new "Show Field as Read-Only" configuration option. For when you don't trust your humans with editing things.

LS-91355: The Callback list view has two new columns available: 1) Problem Notes (the singular note type Problem Notes), and b) Last Appointment Date (the most recent scheduled clinic event appointment slot, office appointment slot event, or user appointment slot event, if any).

LS-92349: On the off chance you have the "Is an Open Referral org" field on an organization form, it is now automatically marked as required.

LS-92424: The "Full-Time Employee" field available for user forms is now required only if you configure it to be required.

LS-92702: The Family Members list view will no longer put "Apt#/Suite#" information in the address column twice. Once seemed enough.

LS-95608: Date comparisons in your shiny Guided Navigation logic, like say, "Petition Date <= 2022-10-01", will now do what you hoped and dreamed they would. (Yes, Virginia, we know they won't actually display as ISO 8601 dates (colloquially: "the one true date format"), but there you go.)

LS-95610: AGMers using the Shift Funds feature should see snappier performance.

LS-95918: The magical End Date field that automatically inactivates users will now try much harder to do that on the date promised, and not a day later.

LS-96084: Got a lot of Services on your cases? Got a lot of service Types? You may be excited to see that the Type filter on that list view is now a multi-select.

Since 1981, these nice folks have been dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline with a lifeline of innovative, holistic legal and social work programs. We're excited to have been part of that work for 5 years this month.