2022-12-14 Release Notes


We're excited that the 17th Judicial Circuit Public Defender Corporation (see: Mon County) goes live next week.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-12-15, then on live sites on 2022-12-23. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.

LS-91989: The Case Credits block gains a new "Require Case Credit Subtype" option. The "Link Case Credits to Charges?" option now provides a more joyful experience as it hides options you don't need, but displays them when you do.

LS-92959: The Language field is now available in many more places: The Adverse Party block (for individual APs), the Adverse Parties, Family Members, and Case Contacts list views, and the Case Contact static form. Making this a quintessential update.

LS-93350: Online intakers who accidentally paste their life story into a family member first name or last name field (yes, Virginia, it happens) will no longer suffer an error that stymies them. They will get a human-friendly warning about the number of characters allowed in those fields, and the opportunity to try again.

LS-93558: The Organization Timekeeping list view displays timeslips entered by an organization's members. That list will now do a better job of showing timeslips with dates of service that match the users' organization affiliation dates. Also known as, "A user's organization affiliation changed and all their timeslips seem to have moved to the new organization. What?".

LS-94961: The Documate integration expands the mapping possibilities, such as allowing single-select LegalServer lookups to also be mapped to Text and Text Area.

LS-95692: Case Status records gain the ability to record start and end dates. Evidence of such is the new "Show Start/End Dates" option in the "Case Status History (For Editing)" block. But wait, there's more! The Case Status block gains the new options "Show Start/End Dates", "Require Start Date", and "Default Start Date to Now". Can we do better? Of course! The Case Status list view gains the ability to display the Start and End Dates.

LS-95573: If someone enters 502 in the Number of People 18 and Over field, should they get an error page or a human-friendly warning about no poverty scale existing? We voted for the latter, and hope you agree.

LS-96127: Guided Navigation mavens have been sad recently as importing dialogues from parts unknown has often ended in error pages. Things should improve after this fix lands.

LS-96240: Creating a new case for a client? Checked some boxes to copy family members to the new case? Didn't pick a Relationship Type for each person you checked? Yep, that'll get you an error page. Well it would. After this change lands, you'll get a human-friendly message telling you what you need to do.

LS-96258: It's fairly rare, but you may have been stymied when you added a column from the Case Data > Custom Matter subtable to a report and it displayed a scary red error message instead of your column. Such will not happen after the fix in this ticket lands. If you have a report saved with this issue, you will be able to remove the offending column, then add it anew to see your precious data.

LS-96273: Required fields on InCert forms now bear a helpful "(required)" parenthetical.

LS-96530: The beloved "Actions dropdown" column links in the Current Assignments list view on demo sites started loading the home page in the popup window (colloquially: "modal") instead of the expected case note form, timeslip form, etc. We hope and hope this travesty never touches a single live site.

These nice folks believe you need to represent the whole client, including assessment and guidance in addressing collateral legal and other issues that impede a client's abilities to grow beyond a life on the margins. We're excited to have been part of that work for 2 years this month.