2022-12-21 Release Notes


LegalServer staff can opt to not work on Friday 2022-12-23 and Monday 2022-12-26. We expect most will opt-in, except for the two who are "on call" and will be ready to respond to any major problems and roust others if needed.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2022-12-22, then on live sites on 2022-12-30. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.

⭐ LS-91837: The Event Link block has a new feature: It can automatically assign a dynamic calendar event's Program based on the case(s) associated with the event. If the event has more than one associated case, the Program from the most recently opened case is used. If this intrigues you, check out the block's new "Show Option to Automatically Assign Program" option.

LS-93415: Tried to view the Organization Contact Type lookup list and were met with a full page error? Us too. So we fixed it; for you and us; but mostly you.

⭐ LS-94540: The Due Date block on your dynamic task forms of wonderment gets a slew of new configuration options: Toggle Calculator, Default Values, Default Calculator to Today, and Display Calculator above Due Date.

LS-95334: The Bulk Service Edit block didn't have a clue when it came to editing user and organization fields. Clue hammer applied.

LS-95396: Users on sites with EVT or AGM could get spurious "Confirm Time" prompts for a pay period before their Start Date. Trying to confirm time that doesn't exist proved difficult, so we'll stop those prompts.

⭐ LS-95698: The Case Status block gets a new configuration option, "Limit by Legal Problem Code". This pairs nicely with the new ability (LS-95696) to associate Case Status lookup values with (you guessed it) Legal Problem Codes. Check that new option. Then on a case with a Legal Problem Code of say "71.05 - ITA", the Case Status dropdown will only show values wherein you have selected "71.05 - ITA" in the lookup.

⭐ LS-95704: The "Cause Number" field is now included in electronic case transfers. (Yes, Virginia, that includes Online Intake etransfers.)

LS-95760: Deleting an adverse party from a case will no longer result in a sad, sad error if that AP happens to be in a litigation record on the case.

LS-95795: Prototype and compare server-side highcharts rendering using highcharts-export-server vs. in the frontend. So there's a sound-really-smart-question for you. Next time someone shows you a chart, ask if it was rendered server-side or in the frontend.

LS-95906: Your Workflow of wonder can now include a step to "Launch External Process". Like sending an external form to a pro bono attorney when something changes on a case, just as an example? Sure sounds like it.

LS-96313: Excel decided to start blocking you from printing your downloaded list view or report data with an unhelpful "Print titles must be contiguous and complete rows or columns" error. Excel placated. If you don't want to manually edit each sheet before this fix lands, you can use LibreOffice, Google Sheets, MacOS Numbers, or probably any other spreadsheet program in the universe.

LS-96334: If you have reports plagued with a red error above the data table like "Problem - And failed to parse error json: Uncaught TypeError Unsupported operand types", you'll be relieved to see that error disappear after this fix lands.

LS-96427: Guided Navigation dialogues will now play nice with multi-select custom lookup fields. We promise.

LS-96483: "Invalid API Response: Unable to Geocode Address". Okay, GIS, but why? In at least one failure mode, you'll now see the helpful "Multiple responses returned by the geocoding service for this address." Why the geocoding service did that is beyond the scope of human knowledge.

LS-96540: Make Referring Organizations and Offices into proper lookup-type fields in the expressions editor (that thing you use in Advanced Grant Filters and Guided Navigation). If you have an expression on one of those fields that is giving you fits, remove the expression and re-add it after this change lands on your site.

LS-96569: You configured the Current Assignments list view with a custom default filter (say Disposition = Pending, Open), and also unchecked the "Show" option for said filter to hide it from your hapless users. Worked great until one of said users added a temporary filter (say Cases Status = Working). The hidden filter you set would cease to function, letting rejected cases and such litter the list. This ticket makes your secret, hidden filter sticky.

LS-96677: The "Refresh" icon on the Documate Workflows list (Admin > Documate Settings) will now: Set a workflow as inactive if not found. Set new workflows as inactive by default (waiting for a human to mark it active). And just be a more enjoyable experience overall.

LS-96711: Previously working external forms with various bits of logic (colloquially: undefined array key types) stopped working on 2022-12-16. Fix pushed to demo and live sites that day at 1:55pm EST.

LS-96794: Your shiny dynamic calendar event form that has the Event Link block configured to automatically add case assignments as attendees wasn't performing to expectations if the hapless user didn't associate the event with at least one case. Expectations (no full page error) will now be met.

“The staff was sincere and empathetic, and we really appreciated being informed of the progress every step of the way. We no longer felt ‘alone’ or overwhelmed by our situation.” Just one of the many clients these nice folks help every day. We're happy to note we've been part of that work for 14 years this month.