2023-01-04 Release Notes


A new year and a new cohort. Call any friends or colleagues you have at these organizations and welcome them as they begin their onboarding journey of discovery and wonder:

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-01-05, then on live sites on 2023-01-13. ⏳

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.

LS-95679: A new user role permission called "API - Documate Webhook" sounds intriguing.

⭐ LS-96360: Report writers know and love the "User's Program" option in a report filter on Assigned Program. More to love as this ticket extends that to filters on Intake Program.

⭐ LS-96342: If you have shiny dynamic calendar events, the ability to set the "Event Create Process" in the Add Event block will let you dictate which dynamic profile to use for the event.

LS-96498: A successful API call to create a user returns a 401 instead of response data, unless the API account also has GET permission on users. That's just rude, so we fixed it.

LS-96529: If an incoming text message (colloquially: MMS) is an audio or video file, we'll try hard to detect the format, and append an mp3, mpeg, 3gp, or 3g2 file extension if appropriate. Allowing one-click viewing/playing if your computer understands those file extensions.

LS-96886: In a previous episode of Release Notes, we mentioned: "LS-95396: Users on sites with EVT or AGM could get spurious "Confirm Time" prompts for a pay period before their Start Date. Trying to confirm time that doesn't exist proved difficult, so we'll stop those prompts." For real this time.

LS-96909: The Documate folks changed how they handle "repeated items", so we're updating our Documate integration to match.

LS-96958: From the mailbag: "You can't see or download received SMS attachment(s) if not linked to a case." A true statement. And a deficiency. This ticket will let you see and download such attachments on messages received after this fix lands on sites.

LS-97016: Don't reset values of elements when they are hidden by expressions in a Guided Navigation segment. Or something like that. But surely a good thing.

LS-97096: Papercut: Changed the label of the user role permission "Site-Specific Lookup Management" to the modern "Custom Lookup Management". No adjustments needed to your user role permissions. Existing selections will stay the same, but wear the new label.

LS-97087: Trying to get the HUD Area Median Income API Percentage on a matter with no Intake Date ended in an error page of sadness. Now we'll show you a nice note about no Intake Date. All sites updated with the fix on 2023-01-03.

⭐ LS-97117: The "Assignment Type" filter on the Assignments list view (which surely adorns your case profile(s)) is now a multi-select. Yes, Virginia, if you want the list to default to only showing say Primary and 2nd Seat assignments, or any other combination you desire, now you can.

Anniversary Celebration

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