2023-01-11 Release Notes


From one end of the Empire State to the other, the excitement level is high as LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York and ️Mental Health Advocates of WNY prepare to go live.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-01-12, then on live sites on 2023-01-20. ⏳

NB: We had our Annual All Hands Meetings on Thursday and Friday. Despite the time well-spent there, our developers managed to crank out a tasty set of changes for us.

API mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.

LS-92734: If you ever wished to add a case credit for an existing charge using the Case Credits block, with the hope and dream of having the credit type default to "None (Charge Based)", your hopes and dreams can now be realized and fulfilled. [The RN editorial staff would like to thank Steven R. for contributing this note, as said staff totally did not understand this ticket.]

⭐ LS-94114: The "Agency Program Identifier" field is much used and loved when sending online intakes to destination sites. So much so that some site admins bemoaned the inability to set that field for plain old etransfers. If you are in that camp, you will be very excited by a couple of new options in the "Outgoing Transfers" section of the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page.

LS-96301: ReferralHub-ers may be excited to see "Today's Day of the Week" available in the Expression Editor.

LS-96380: You ticked the box for "Show Option to Automatically Add All Current Case Assignments as Attendees" in the Event Link block on your shiny dynamic calendar event form. Error sadness when your folks used that option. This change removes the sadness.

LS-96546: Sending a text from a case (colloquially: "SMS") could, in fairly rare situations, result in a mostly inscrutable error about duplicate keys and such (which is, apparently, a bad thing that involves "race conditions"). Fortunately, trying again nearly always works, but that's not good enough, so the change in this ticket is going to try very, very hard to never let it happen in the first place.

⭐ LS-96989: The Associate Cases With Outreach block has an exciting new configuration option, "Include matters in the 'Prescreen' disposition in search results", which will allow prescreens to show up in the search results for the block.

LS-97012: If you've added the IP Address column to one of your shiny System Users reports, you'll be pleased to see that sorting it now works, instead of displaying an angry red "Problem" line above your data table. (We know the sort treats the IPs as plain text; purists need not email to point this out.)

LS-97084: When the Case Status block was configured to limit case status values by the matter's Legal Problem Code, all case status values were offered, including inactive values. Oops. Only active values should be, and shall be, offered.

⭐ LS-97196: The "Client Survey Send Request" block will now let you configure the default Type as "Attorney Related to a Case". Useful if you have, say, a form that lets staff send something like a Final Case Closing external form to a pro bono attorney on a case.

Anniversary Celebration

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