2023-01-25 Release Notes


Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-01-26, then on live sites on 2023-02-03. ⏳

API Mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog. Also see LS-95846 below.

LS-74895: There is a new "Inbound SMS Phone Numbers" block available. It will help you answer the question "Why did an inbound text from some seemingly random number get associated with this case?" Placed on a case profile it will display all "SMS" numbers (numbers someone texted to from the case). Placed on an auxiliary form, observe the "+" and "-" buttons that do what you would expect and hope. If someone texted from a case to 555-555-1212 and you no longer want inbound texts from that number going to that case, delete it.

LS-86844: Mavens know that using the same List View element more than once on a page (or tab) can result in filter, sorting, and paging sadness as the two (or, egad, more than two) instances of the same list view fight over how they should filter, sort, etc. This ticket is a galiant effort to allow such a configuration to work. We have no doubts that some of you (you know who you are) will find a wacky complex configuration that still doesn't work according to your worldview.

LS-95340: Generalize Workflow "New Case Document from Pending Case Transfer" to "New Case Document". When programmers use the word "generalize" it is usually a good thing, so workflowers should be happy with this change.

LS-95758: Hapless users who try to Quick Case Copy a case that is past it's copy by date (as configured in Admin > Process Settings) will now see a button for each of a site's active intake processes, as well as the existing "Return to Original Case" button if they want to bail out.

😿 LS-95846: In last week's episode of RN, we briefly mentioned: "An API request made with an API user whose password has expired, or requires a reset, will get a 401 response (instead of HTML)". We had to revert that change and send the issue back to the shop for more work. The original intention of returning a 401 response in that situation will be reintroduced with a fresh pine scent as soon as we can.

LS-95960: Client texts you an image named "foo.jpg". Client later texts you an image with the same name. The second instance was being treated as a duplicate and not uploaded to the case. Now it will be. Unless the client sends the second text within 5 minutes of the first one.

LS-96106: Office Zip Code mapped in a document template has been displaying 5 digit zips with 4 trailing spaces and 9 digit zips as 012345678. Neither was optimal, so now it will do the right thing.

LS-96159: Money fields will be much nicer about displaying human friendly messages instead of error pages if odd things are entered. Very important for online intake applicants. Your staff never enter odd things in fields, so this won't affect them.

LS-96658: Sites using the Projects module may be excited to learn that you will be able to email your projects via "project-ID@yoursite.legalserver.org", like you can cases and other records. Sites that call outreach records "projects" may not be as excited, because emailing to "project-ID" will no longer be an alias for "outreach-ID".

LS-96962: Lookup selectors in InCert pages could resize strangely (colloquially: "Why is the dropdown for Foo so narrow?"). Strangeness removed.

LS-96963: Speaking of InCert pages, they now play nice if you disable Income, Expenses, or Assets in the "Online Financial Information - Detailed" block.

⭐ LS-97123: If you configure the Case Status block with a Default Case Status of "N/A", it will now honor that and display "Please select" on the form (instead of the current case status value). Bonus: Enjoy the new "Require Case Status" configuration option.

⭐ LS-97744: The cause number search on a dynamic calendar event is now a "contains" search instead of a "begins with" search. If you put "8123" in the search box, it will show you the case with cause number "CR-18-8123", the case with cause number "PDU-8123-EIEIO", etc.

LS-97823: Do you have clients saying they aren't getting texts (colloquially: SMS messages)? Do you suspect their phones or carriers aren't handling chunked messages very well when your voluble staff text more than 160 characters? If so, you may find the new "Limit Message to 160 Characters" configuration option in the SMS block worth a shot.

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