2023-02-01 Release Notes


Everyone is excited as Far West Texas Regional Public Defender prepares to go live.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-02-02, then on live sites on 2023-02-10. ⏳

API Mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.

⭐ LS-89434: The Re-Open Case block gets 3 new configuration options: "Default Case Status" selector, "Show Case Status Start Date", and "Default Case Status Start Date to current date/time".  

LS-91763: The "Online Intake Financial information - Detailed" block now allows up to 20 default rows for expenses, to match the number for income and assets.

LS-92669: The "Timekeeping - Questions" page (used by some sites that are embiggened with Advanced Grants Management or Electronic Verification of Time) now has a Caseworker column.

LS-93332: Updated how the Publications Selection block creates PDFs, in the never-ending battle with the horrible, horrible, PDF specification.

LS-93564: The "Arrests (Toggled List)" block now appears as "Arrests (Toggled List) Deprecated". Deprecation means it won't stop working now, but will at some point in the future. So if you see it on any of your forms, take some time to meet the "Arrests (Singular)" block.

LS-96115: Tab Block element on your shiny online intake form, eh? Beautiful, but prone to cause problems if your hapless online intaker misses a required field, or otherwise does something that makes form validation fail. We know people like shiny things, so this ticket will deal with that situation.


LS-97319: The "Find Forms Configure With Field" feature is now much less susceptible to being confused by non-core site extensions that, sadly, do still linger. No idea what this feature is? Check the Actions menu the next time you're looking at a field's profile page reached from Admin > System Field Management.

LS-97402: Adding a contact to an outreach record is working again.

LS-97768: Matters created via /api/v1/matters that specify a dynamic_process_id (colloquially: a specific intake process), will open to that intake process when someone clicks the case number in the application (while it is still an incomplete intake).

LS-97799: The SMS Inbound Message Matching Logic option "Most Recent Outbound Message" was, in some circumstances and phases of the moon, linking an inbound message to more than one case. This ticket stops that.

LS-97843: Custom lookup fields could cause a triangle of sadness when attempting to add a Flowblock block to your dynamic profile of wonder. Fixed. 

LS-97908: Today's quiz: If you say you want to be reminded "-2" (negative two) days before an event, when will you get the reminder? If you said two days after, gold star. Enhanced reminders will no longer accept negative numbers from humans in this context.

⭐ LS-97928: Using the Related Cases feature? Wish you could also search for related cases by case number? Sometimes wishes do come true.

Anniversary Celebration


What They Do: Provide legal representation, advocacy, conflict resolution, and community education options to meet the legal needs of their Native American and non-Native clients and community. 

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