2023-02-08 Release Notes


We are excited that Orange County Tenant Rights program has started onboarding.


All live sites with the GIS module will have the new 2023 congressional and state upper/lower boundaries as of 2023-02-10. Addresses entered (or edited) on or after that date (via a block that supports GIS) will be set to the new boundaries (assuming the address can be geocoded). We will later (watch this space for an announcement) mass update matters with an Intake Date or Date Opened on or after 2023-01-01 with the new boundaries. 

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-02-09, then on live sites on 2023-02-17. ⏳


API Mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.


⭐ LS-67872: The Activity Log list view has a long history of not honoring which columns you say to display or not display. It will now be bent to your will (as expressed in your configuration). Bonus: Several fields will be available as filters on the list, even if not displayed as columns.


LS-96486: Hapless online intakers will no longer be stopped cold by entering too much text in opposing party or family member name fields. Entering anything beyond 1,000 characters will present a human friendly warning that they can't do that.


LS-97967: Fixed a relatively obscure, but painful, error trying to close a re-opened case wherein a document template had been previously used to generate a file with outcome information.


LS-97177: Trying to import the lookup list values you lovingly exported from elsewhere was ending in ... nothing. Fix applied to all sites effective 2023-02-07.


LS-97595: Gavellors (formerly known as Documators) will be pleased to see grouping in field selector search and selects.

LS-97957: GAR Self Inspection pages have been updated with the latest LSC prose. And an errant reference to the "2022" CSR Handbook has been corrected.

LS-98012: Should you be able to schedule two or more matters into the same appointment slot? Extensive polling revealed 99% support for "No", so that's what we went with. The 1% will receive a consolation emolument of LS swag.


LS-98047: Profile pages will now be more tolerant of things like deactivating a report that you had selected in a Report Part block. NB: In this scenario, your now-misconfigured Report Part block will still not work, but the absence of a full page error will give you the opportunity to realize the error of your ways and fix them.


LS-98062: The Deadline Calculator will no longer sometimes be one day off if you are setting a deadline during Standard Time for a number of days in the future that will be in Daylight Savings Time. And vice versa.


Anniversary Celebration

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