2023-02-15 Release Notes


Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-02-16, then on live sites on 2023-02-24. ⏳


API Mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.


LS-35867: If you are an Admin > System Speed page peruser, and have tried to filter the "Last Day Page Loads By Speed Descending" list using decimal values like "0.10", you will be pleased that doing so no longer freezes the list into a pink-ish block of sadness.


LS-89405: If you use the All Assignment Names field in your Flowblock of wonderment, you may find the new display more pleasing to the eye.

⭐ LS-92644: There is a new Bulk Deactivate Events block. Put it on a case/matter auxiliary form and it will display a list of active future calendar events for the case. It will allow you to deactivate events (colloquially: Set Active = No). In bulk.


⭐ LS-95804: Mass Calendar Updaters will surely be pleased to see that the "Client Name" column is now in Last, First Middle format. But, wait, there's more. That column is also now sortable and filterable.

⭐ LS-95806: Mass Assignment Updaters will surely be pleased to see that the "Client Name" column is now in Last, First Middle format. But is there more? Yes, there is. That column is also now sortable and filterable.


LS-97644: Sites using the Clinic module may be excited to see that the static "Clinic Appointments" list on the main Clinics page contains two new columns: "Clinic Type" and "Clinic Service(s)".

This Week in Case Status Updates ⭐

LS-98194: A tale of MFA and cookies and paths. We were storing "paths" with the MFA cookies, so you could do the MFA dance for one URL, but then logging in again later to a different URL would not recognize the existing cookie, resulting in an unexpected prompt to enter another MFA code. MFA cookies will now have one path to rule them all. Thanks to the nice folks at NIJC for opening the cookie jar, peering inside, and solving The Case of the Repeated Prompts.


LS-98220: Fix an error in the JSON sent to Gavel.io ("Documate is now Gavel!" (excitement theirs)) for repeating items.

LS-98240: Fixed a problem with the Office filter on the case list on a Self Inspection list. Live sites will have this on 2023-02-17.


LS-98288: Would you rather have the Workflow builder display your custom fields by their Short Name or their Description? We hope you want Short Name, because that's what is coming.

LS-98429: Mavens running reports on the System Log have noticed that some form callbacks (such as "/modules/form/ajax.php") don't show the user whose action invoked said callbacks. Mavens dislike blank columns, so we will start recording that.

LS-98471: Trying to view the details of a Workflow that includes creating a case note is a sad experience. This ticket will make it joyful.


⭐ LS-98479: The Event List on the main Calendar page now has a filter on the Title field.

LS-98488: The Address block will no longer throw a fit if you uncheck "Ask for County of Residence" and "Ask for County of Dispute", but check "Set County of Dispute From County (if County of Dispute not asked for)".


Anniversary Celebration

Who: FoF (worth clicking through to their site to see the nice graphic art work)

What They Do: Provide legal representation for low-income and immigrant workers, community education about workers’ rights, and trainings for service providers. 

Live with LegalServer: February 2017

Weather: 65/50 (18/10C). Mostly sunny.

Honolulu Comparison: 77/70 (25/21C). Partly cloudy, with afternoon showers or thunderstorms.