2023-02-22 Release Notes


Excitement is high as these organizations go live with LegalServer:

  🏁 Children’s Law Center of California

  🏁 Imperial County Public Defender

  🏁 National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild

  🏁 Orange County Tenant Rights

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-02-23, then on live sites on 2023-03-03. ⏳


API Mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.

LS-80047: ReferralHubbers can now use Special Legal Problem Code for service matching.

LS-91333: Make a new field, "Court Type (determined by Intake Office and Program)", available in the matter module. It's a read-only field, with the value set according to your configuration of Office/Program pairs in the values in the Admin > Lookups > Court Type list.

LS-91529: Flowblockers will be pleased, we hope, with the new improved display of Income and Expense summaries.

LS-92645: The Bulk Deactivate Events block [citation needed] gets configuration options to include Tasks and Deadlines.

LS-92646: Many, many list views related to calendar events and tasks get a new default filter of "Active = Yes". Because events and tasks can now be set inactive if so desired. 

LS-94594: Initial build of "Inter-percentile range plot". [Ed: We don't know either, but it sounds like an exciting future thing.]

LS-96702: The "Go to date" date picker in the side bar of the main Calendar page would let you manually enter the day and month, but not the year, if you are using Chrome or Safari. Apparently some people use those browsers, so we have accommodated their quirks.

LS-97362: For sites with the GIS module, we've finished updating matters with an intake date on or after 2023-01-01 to use the new congressional and state boundaries.

LS-98149: Hiding filters in the Case/Matter - Cases and Case/Matter - Matters list views could cause selectors for those filters to appear when you use the other non-hidden filters. Confusing, so fixed. 

LS-98242: The Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfers, Received list view was sorting the "Name" column in no discernible or useful order. Order imposed.

LS-98276: The Assets block gets a new configuration option: "Do not allow negative values".

LS-98412: Removed the "Select & Edit" button from the static add case contact process. This will give you a sense of relief if you've had to deal with Judge names mysteriously changing. Why you would select the existing contact Judge Wopner to add to a case and edit the contact name to Judge Judy remains a mystery, but it has been done. Related: There is a new History list view available for dynamic contact profiles to show changes made to a contact's information.


LS-98469: Your auxiliary form on cases to make a referral through ReferralHub will no longer end in error sadness if you are using capacity tracking and maximum referral count is not set.

LS-98499: External forms/surveys sent by a Workflow were being given bad expiration dates, causing your recipients to get "This form has expired." Expiration will now be set properly according to your configuration.

LS-98517: You created a Workflow that uses the "Launch Process" feature to create a Case Alert. Mostly a success, but the text of the alert says "complete this process by clicking this link", followed by an unclickable URL. For now, we've changed that text to "complete this process by visiting this link". Will the URL ever be clickable? Possibly maybe. 

LS-98520: AGMers may be excited to see a new top level table available in reports called "AGM Distributions".

LS-98525: Looking at an existing Self Inspection List record? See a "Report Snapshots" list thereon? Intrigued by the "Delete Snapshot" column in said list with oh so tempting red "x"s? If you succumbed to temptation and clicked an "x", the ensuing error was not what you expected. Expectations will be fulfilled after this fix lands.


LS-98646: The "Body" configuration option in the Add Case Note block would only let you "pre-fill" a meager 50 characters. Limit increased. And yes, you (you know who you are) may accept that as a challenge to see if you can hit the new limit.

⭐ LS-98787: The Organizations list view you may be using on your shiny dynamic section front now has a column and filter available for the Practice Groups field.


Anniversary Celebration


What They Do: Provide aging lead agencies in our service area with training, technical assistance, and advocacy to ensure the availability and quality of programs and services to meet the changing needs of older people.

Live with LegalServer: February 2022

Weather: 31/28 (-1/-2C). Snow.

Honolulu Comparison: 79/72 (26/22C). Very little chance of snow.