2023-03-01 Release Notes

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-03-02, then on live sites on 2023-03-10. ⏳


API Mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog.

LS-80045: ReferralHub organizations get a new Languages multi-select lookup field. LS-80046: Make the new field do all the things you hope and dream it should.

LS-80048: ReferralHub organizations now have capacity tracking capability, just like local organizations.

LS-91328: The Case Information actor in Document Templates gets a new subactor: "Related Case(s)".

LS-92647: Inactive calendar events and deadlines will not be shown in Day/Week/Month view. The Event List list gets a default filter of Active = Yes, so inactive events won't show up there either (by default).

LS-93806: Clinicians perusing the "Upcoming Clinic Events" list were being misled by the "Number of Available Appointment Slots" column, because it wasn't counting slots reserved via online intake scheduling as filled. Numbers should not lie, so now that one will not.

LS-98394: Have you ever looked at a client profile page, seen a bunch of erroneously associated cases, and despaired at the thought of clicking through all those "Disassociate" links? If so, you may find the new "Allow Mass Disassociate from Case List" setting on the Admin > Client Profile Settings page of interest.

LS-98044: The Email PDF of Profile block will now properly display the contents of an embedded report (because of course you embedded a report on a Print Profile) in the PDF, instead of showing the bare bones of the report with "Problem" above the empty data table columns.

LS-98634: Editing a Case Status history entry will now preserve the Start Date and Note Body if either are set.

⭐ LS-98645: Deadline alerts on a case profile show the Due Date. Deadline alerts on the home page will now do likewise.

LS-98708: So your shiny Guided Navigation dialogue has a "Field to capture" element, which you have configured with a default value that should override any existing value and set "Field should be read-only". Then your next element is "Set a field's value" on that same field. Okay. If that's what you want.

LS-98733: The Charges list view configuration had no columns for you to enable or disable. Not everyone likes the default set of columns, so we fixed the configuration.

LS-98774: The Activity Log list view started displaying its Time Spent column as a link to the associated timeslip instead of, well, the Time Spent value on said timeslip. The link is cool, but people really just want to know "0.10", "2.50", etc., so that's what we're going back to. Bonus fix: The not often used "Notes" column in that list will now have HTML tags like "<p>" removed.

LS-98777: Unsquished the Client Name filter elements on the Mass Calendar Updates page.

LS-98395, LS-98396: The Admin > Client Profile Settings page gets two tickets worth of changes and new settings. View, explore, be amazed.

LS-98966: Adding or editing Family/Non-APs on a conflict check form was giving intake workers heartburn on Friday morning. Fixed that morning on live sites.

LS-99010: The Assignments list view you likely have on user profiles can now display Date Opened and Date Closed columns if you desire.


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