2023-03-08 Release Notes


We are very excited as LOTUS Legal Clinic prepares to go live.

Changes and Updates

⏳ Effective for demo sites on 2023-03-09, then on live sites on 2023-03-17. ⏳


API Mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog to see if there are updates, notes, or other items of interest. Although with the APIBot on vacation this week, maybe nothing new.

LS-92291: If you display the Help tab in the navigation bar, your hapless users who click it have the Help site replace LegalServer on the page. Rude. The click will now open a new browser tab (or window, if your browser is configured to do that). If you have previously hidden that tab because of that behavior, you can ponder whether to display it again.

LS-97776: The Admin > Site Settings page gets a new setting: "Banned Words from incoming emails. If any of these words are found the email will be rejected. Separate words by commas". The label says it all. Handle with care.

LS-98399: The "Associate Other Cases with this Client" links display a nice list of cases. If you've ever wished that list contained a County of Dispute column, now you know wishes do sometimes come true.

LS-98397, LS-98398, LS-98400: You were excited last week to read that the Admin > Client Profile Settings page has new settings to contemplate? Prepare for even more excitement.

LS-98557: Getting available services and other aspects of ReferralHub will be somewhat quicker. Additional speed improvements planned.

LS-98622: The Document folder tree that adorns many case profiles will display icons for many more file types. (WordPerfect aficionados, however, may be disappointed at the lack of love and respect for their WPD files).

LS-98763: Hiding filters in the Case/Matter - Cases and Case/Matter - Matters list views will no longer make ghost selectors for those filters appear for every other filter.

⭐ LS-98851: There is a new Workflows list view available for case profiles. Unlike the existing Current Workflows list view (which only shows "In Progress" workflows on the case), the new list can be filtered on Status.

⭐ LS-98915: Custom fields with the same Short Name confuse everyone. Previously given free rein, humans will now be stopped from adding a new custom field if one with the same Short Name and Description already exists. But stopped politely, with a human-friendly message. Editing an existing custom field that bears this problem will likewise result in a polite warning that you need to change something.

LS-98955: The optional built-in mini-timeslip on Activity records would not default to the case's funding code in some corner cases. Sharp edges smoothed.

⭐ LS-99007: The current Case Status will now be determined by Start Date, or in the absence of any Start Dates in the case status history, by Date Changed. Our scienticians determined this is what most people expect.

LS-99021: Confirm Time pages were not showing hours for timeslips if a site administrator had deactivated the category the timeslips were linked to. Timekeepers should get credit for all their hard work, even if the category of work is later deemed so unimportant as to be deactivated.

LS-99024: Some list views can display "blank" columns in the list's column configuration. Not a good user experience (colloquially: UX), so we'll stop doing that.

LS-99053: The Case Timely Closed block will no longer throw up its metaphorical hands when faced with bad date values.

LS-99229: The Snapshot Top block that may adorn your case profiles will display a Home Phone and a Mobile Phone (if entered). No love for Other Phone? Now there is.

LS-99258: Viewing a client profile with a bountiful list of cases was a sad experience if you tried the "View All" link, or to page through the results. Sadness removed.

LS-99347: Documators/Gavelers are experiencing sadness as some date values were trying to be converted to date values, which does not apparently make them even better dates. So we'll stop doing that.


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