2023-03-15 Release Notes


Everyone involved is giddy with anticipation as New Jersey Consortium for Immigrant Children prepares to go live.

Changes and Updates

🔄 Effective for demo sites on 2023-03-16, then on live sites on 2023-03-24. 🔄


API Mavens should visit the always informative API Changelog to read about the /users endpoint address retrieval improvements, and possibly so much more.

LS-73408: If your site has Sharepoint or Dropbox integration, you may have experienced the sadness of starting a case note, realizing you wanted to upload a file but weren't logged in to SP or DBox, and when you click the link to login ... Poof! ... there goes your carefully crafted missive (note body) into the ether. Rude. Fixed.


LS-73415: Personal Access Tokens must now have a name/label. (Existing tokens cannot be edited and given a label, not even in Texas.)

LS-91557: The clickable "Total Hrs" value for each user on Verify Time pages (AGM or EVT) will again take you to a list of timeslips for that user.

LS-91983: You may know that on demo sites, emails will only be sent to users with the system Administrator role. We've added an override for the Password Reset feature, so you can use it on your demo site to email a reset link to lesser beings (colloquially: non-Admins).

LS-93317: In an expression on an organization field, would you rather pick "Apple Valley Health Center" from a nice friendly list, or go look up its ID number and manually enter that? We thought so. Fields of type organization now properly show a select list of organizations in the expression editor.

LS-96814: Remove Pointless Buttons Initiative: Sites with time verification (AGM or EVT) will be pleased to see that the "Question" button no longer appears on a verify page if a pay period has been fully verified. What has been verified shall not be questioned. Truth in Labeling Initiative: The user role permission name has been improved from "Resolve Timeslip Questions" to "Ask and Resolve Timeslip Questions". No need to adjust anything; this is just a label change.

LS-98623: Saving Keystrokes Initiative: Most cases with multiple charges have the same Date of Offense for each charge, so the Enhanced Charges block will now copy the Date of Offense from the previous charge when you add a new one. Likewise, charges are typically entered in order starting with Count 1, so the block will default Count to one more than the previous Count when adding a new charge. NB: Roman numerals are not supported. Dura vita.

LS-98624: The Enhanced Charges block gets a new configuration option: "Group Charges by Category".

LS-98653: The Admin > Client Profile Settings page gets a new setting: "Client Attachment - Show Client Profile Link If Enabled (in name column)". Turn that off and the search results for associating other cases will not have clickable links for client names.


LS-98740: ReferralHubbers who have a shiny dynamic section front for Organizations feel left out because they don't have a "Sync other Referral Hub Organizations" Actions menu link like the static section front does. That feeling will soon pass.

LS-98759: The Current Assignments list view found on most home pages can display a "Case Type" column, and yet you can't filter on it. Deficiency addressed. 

LS-98942: Registrant modulers may be be excited by a new setting on the Admin > Pro Bono Settings page: "Include Username and Password Reset Link for new registrant users". It determines whether or not the login and password reset (if enabled) links are included in the approval email.

LS-99166: The Related Cases subactor in a document template will stop showing you duplicate entries for cases to pick from during Start Process. Picking either of two duplicates will work, but busy document generators don't need the mental toll of deciding, and wondering if they picked a winner.

⭐ LS-99209: If you choose to email a Task, but don't enter anything in the discordantly named "Calendar Notes" box, the email will now be sent instead of silently not being sent.


⭐ LS-99228: The Online Intake Redirect to Next block will now create a referral record on the sending site so you know where your online intake of wonderment sent the online intaker to.

LS-99284: Got an online intake or external form that allows uploading a file, but also has 42 required fields on it? We will more gracefully handle the situation where the hapless person uploads a file but misses a required field, and therefore must resubmit the form (assuming they don't lose their will to continue).

LS-99293: There is a new "Case Data > NLU processes" subtable available in reports. NLU = Natural Language Understanding if you don't feel like clicking the link. We ran out of uppercase "P"s, but will restock soon.



Anniversary Celebration

Who: GLS

What They Do: Serve vulnerable individuals … those living in poverty, low-wage workers, persons with disabilities, veterans, the homeless, the LGBTQ community, victims of domestic violence or human trafficking, and the elderly.

Live with LegalServer: March 2008

Weather: 68/56 (20/13C). Partly cloudy. 

Honolulu Comparison: 81/73 (27/23C). Mostly cloudy.