Organizations - Customizing

Older installations of LegalServer came with a set of static, built-in forms and processes to add and edit organizations.

This page covers creating a set of dynamic processes, forms, and profiles to provide greater control over this module and use features only available when the module uses dynamic objects.

Sites with existing dynamic objects may find this page useful in editing the forms, processes, and profiles.

For general information on editing forms and processes, see Process Management - Editing Forms and Links.

Quick Summary

  • Build an organization profile page

  • Build a create/edit form

  • Add a create process, specifying the form and profile

  • Add an edit process

You need a profile page and a create form before you can create a process, so the order is important if you are creating all new objects.

Create an Organization Profile

Go to the Processes, Forms, and Profiles page on the Admin tab. Select Organization in the dropdown list for Forms and Processes for Module.

A typical organization profile will be one or more Tab Blocks. Click on New Organization Tab Block in the Actions menu.

Add as many Tab Start, list view, and field elements as desired. If more than one row of tabs is desired, use the link to add another.

After you've built one or more tab blocks, click New Organization Profile link in the Actions menu on the main Admin page. Add as many Tab Block elements as needed, and any fields or other elements as desired.

Note: The first Tab Block element you add will display an errant message that it is not configured correctly. Leave it on the form, save the form, then edit the form again, and you will be able to select a tab block. Additional tab block elements will work correctly as soon as you add them. (Ref: 71898)

The Side/Action Elements section of the setup screen gives you the ability to control the links in the Side Bar, Actions and Views menu. (If your site is still using the legacy interface, this section applies to the links under Options on the right side of the screen.)

Add a Create/Edit Form

Sites typically use a single create/edit form. The create process can use multiple forms (steps) if desired.

On the Admin page, click New Organization Create Form in the Actions menu.

Selecting both Organization Aux and Organization Create in Process Types will let you use this same form to add a new organization, and to edit basic information about it. Having separate forms for create and edit is possible if desired.

A basic set of elements for the create/edit form:

Some elements cannot be used on the create/edit form. Elements known to cause issues:

  • Additional Addresses block

  • Org Contact Name field

If you add an element that causes an error, the error may give you a hint as to which element it is. Edit your create/edit form and disable that element. If you want to use it, add it to an auxiliary form and setup an auxiliary process to call that form.

Add Required Processes - Create and Edit

On the Admin page, click New Organization Create Process in the Actions menu.

Not shown, set the Followup Profile field to the new profile you created above.

After you have created and save the process, you can edit it to change Permissions if needed.

Setting the create process as Active = Yes and Show Process Link in Module Static Profile = Yes will automatically replace the static Add New Organization link on the main Organizations page. If you want to revert to the static create process, set Active = No.

On the Admin page again, select New Organization Aux Process and create the edit process and enable the same form as used for the create process.

Adjust Actions Menu

Now that you have a dynamic edit process, edit the dynamic profile again, and set the Actions menu to use it:

Make Other Processes Dynamic (Optional)

As indicated above, you can continue to use the static processes like "Add a Donation", "Edit Referral Criteria", etc. We recommend continuing to use the static processes and forms. There is little or no gain to creating dynamic processes and forms to replace these.


Courtrooms are unique to Court Organizations in LegalServer. Courtrooms can be specifically linked in Dynamic Calendar Events. To edit Courtrooms on an Organization, ensure that the Primary Address block is on the Organization Profile.

Then click Edit. If no address has been set for the court, you will have to set that first and click Save. If an address has already been set, then you will have the ability to modify the address and set any number of Courtrooms for a Court.

Note that once you have added a Courtroom to a Court, there is a required minimum of one Courtroom record.


Existing Static Records: Organization records remember the process used to create them. If your site has existing organization records created with the built-in process, then those records will still be displayed and edited with the built-in forms, even after you create dynamic objects. New records created with a dynamic process will use the new form and profile you create. You can file a support request with LegalServer to have existing records updated to 'point' at the new dynamic create process, which will tell those records to display with your new dynamic profile.

Known Issues

* None