Outreach - Copy this Outreach

"Copy This Outreach" is a link that site administrators can enable. The link displays a confirmation prompt, and if confirmed, starts a new outreach record and copies data from basic fields like name, type, funding code, etc.

Administrative Setup

Enable this feature on the Admin > Outreach Settings page.

If your site uses a dynamic create process, you also need to select that process in the "Copy Outreach, Dynamic Process" setting.

If your site uses a dynamic outreach profile, enable the link in the Side/Action Elements section of the profile.

Note: A copy link can be added to a Custom Link Box element, but the link will not display (Ref: 73052).

The workaround is to add a Static Links element (add another if one is already on the profile), then check the box in the configuration options to "Show Outreach Copy Link When Applicable". The category label that element displays should be changed from "Options" to "Copy".