Release Process - How and When Changes are Made

This page describes how changes to LegalServer are tested, when they are released, and when they are effective on sites.

The release week runs from Thursday through Wednesday. Wednesday is the end of the current week's milestone and when final testing occurs.

The release notes are posted to the siteadmins mailing list on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Planning and Assignment

On Thursday morning, tickets are assigned to the developers to work on for the release week.

Changes are Made and Committed

The developers work on tickets throughout the release week. Proposed code or database changes are developed and tested, then committed to a development (testing) branch of the code.


On Wednesday, we update a test copy of each site with all new changes. Each ticket is tested by someone other than the developer who made the change. Support staff and developers participate in testing. Any issues that arise are either fixed and re-tested, or the change is rolled back for additional work in the next release week.

After ticket testing is finished, we run a series of unit tests. Each unit test checks a distinct piece of code or feature like "can a case profile be displayed", "can an event be created", etc.

After unit tests pass, we update test copies of 3 sites, including an online intake site. Several of us then create an intake, open, close, and re-open a case, enter time, and run reports. For the online intake site, we do an application, transfer it, then review and accept it on the site it was transferred to. This also tests the electronic case transfer feature used to transfer cases between different organizations (not just online intakes). Any issues are dealt with, and if code changes are needed, the testing sites are updated again and re-tested.

Demo Sites are Updated

Overnight Wednesday and early Thursday morning, all demo sites are updated with the new changes. We are testing the demo sites throughout that week as we work with current onboarding clients (who only have a demo site). Site administrators often check updates on demo sites during that week as well, particularly for new or changed features that are important for their site.

Live Sites are Updated

Overnight Thursday and early Friday morning, live sites are updated with the changes from the previous release cycle. These are the changes that were tested in the previous release cycle and have been on demo sites for a week at this point.

Immediate Fixes

Sometimes fixes can't wait for the regular update schedule. Internally we call these hotfixes, meaning an update is applied to affected sites immediately or overnight.