Site URL - Changing

A site's URL,, can be changed, for example to, but it is billable work.

Site administrators can change the Site Logo and Site Name in the Titlebar at any time without changing the site's URL.

But if you want the URL to change, read on.

If you are still onboarding and only have a demo site, this is 3 hours at our standard hourly rate.

If you have a demo and live site, both must be changed, and this is 5 hours at our standard hourly rate. Standard hourly rate is currently $250/hour.

Why is this so expensive? Your site's name or abbreviation, the "abc" in, is also part of the database name, web server configuration, and is the "name" of your site in the code and maintenance routines. So databases must be renamed, code checked, etc. In other words, it is not a simple DNS name change, although we have to do that as well.

If you want to change your site's URL, file a support request from your site (Help menu > Support Request) asking for the change and specifying the desired new name.

Tip: You can do a preliminary check of availability yourself. If you want "foo" as your new name, go to "". If you get a login page, that name is already used. If you get "Site can't be found" or similar, the name may be available.

We will check availability of the new name after we get the support request and send an invoice if it is available, or let you know if it is not available.