Step by Step - Adding an Actions menu Link and Form to Cases or Other Records

A common need is to add a new Actions menu link to cases or other records that will display a new form.

Warning: This help page does not yet have pretty screenshots.

Create a Form and Process

  • Go to Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles. We're creating a form for cases, so the default Module of Case/Matter is what we need. If you are creating a form for user records, you'd change the Module to Users. Creating your stuff in the wrong module causes deep sadness.

  • On the Actions menu, click New Auxiliary Form. (Hint: it's towards the bottom of the Actions menu links)

  • On the new form page, enter a Name for the form.

  • Change "Create New Process Containing This Form?" to Yes.

  • Set Active to Yes.

  • Set Add Continue Button to Yes.

  • In the Form Elements section add Headers, Instructions, Fields, and Blocks as needed. If you just want to test, add a Header that says "My new form".

  • Click Continue to save and you are returned to the main Processes, Forms, and Profiles page.

Edit the New Process

  • On the Processes tab, find the new process that you created (it will have the same name as the form you created) and edit it.

  • In the Permissions section, change the permission for each user role as desired. If only Administrators should see the link this process displays, change all other roles permission to "None". You may want to do this while testing, and then come back and open up permission for other roles.

  • These options will only appear if you are in the Case/Matter module:

    • "Redirect to outstanding tasks" - leave this unselected unless you know you want it.

    • Select "Action" for Link Category (in case your site is still using the legacy Link Boxes element to display the Actions menu on cases).

    • Select at least one "Case Dispositions to Show" value. If you don't want this link displayed for closed cases, for example, select only Pending and Open.

  • Near the bottom of the page, you'll likely see a "Follow-up Profile" selector. We're creating an auxiliary process, so it is fine if it is empty. If something is already selected by default, you can leave it as is. Pro tip: The follow-up profile only makes a difference for create processes.

  • Click Continue to save and you are returned to the main Processes, Forms, and Profiles page.

Edit the Actions Menu

  • If you are working in the Case/Matter module, look on the Menu Boxes tab for an entry like Main Profile Boxes. If you don't see anything on that tab, switch to the Profiles tab and edit the Main Profile. Other modules, like User, typically only have a single profile, like User Profile, and do not have Menu Boxes.

  • Expand the Side/Action Elements section if it isn't already expanded.

  • Expand the Custom Link Box Actions element (or the desired element where you want the link to appear) in the Actions menu.

  • Scroll down within the element and use the green + button to add a new row to the list of links, then select the new process in the dropdown list.

  • Optionally change the text of the link label.

  • Click the Continue button to save your changes.


  • Now go to a case (or user profile, etc.) and look in the Actions menu for your exciting new link. Click it.

  • Don't see the link? For cases, are you on a case that has a disposition that matches the Case Dispositions to Show selected in the process?