Font and Text Size Issues

LegalServer has a font size setting that each person can set on their My Preferences page (float your cursor over your name in the upper right corner of any page).

But your browser zoom and font settings mostly control how large or small the text in LegalServer appears.

The cause of most text size complaints we receive is related to the browser zoom level, often unintentionally changed. This is why the first step we recommend is to reset the browser's zoom level to 100%. The keyboard combination Ctrl+0 (the zero key on the top row of numbers) will do this for most browsers. Ctrl+- and Ctrl++ will zoom in and out in most browsers, and there are usually equivalent menu commands.

Browser font settings are also relevant. Depending on the browser, these can include:

  • Font size for proportional text (most labels and text in LegalServer) versus monospaced (fixed-width) text (used when entering text into notes unless the rich text editor preference is set),

  • Minimum font size, and

  • An option to use a web site's fonts or override those with the browser fonts selected.