Getting Help with LegalServer

General Questions

General questions about using LegalServer should be directed to the appropriate person inside your organization.

Site administrators (staff within your organization that can change LegalServer, add and remove users, etc.) will understand how LegalServer works and, more importantly, how LegalServer has been changed to reflect your organization's policies and workflow. LegalServer staff could, for example, explain how to reject an intake, but would not know if, or when, it is appropriate to reject an intake under organization policy.


LegalServer staff provide free trainings via web sessions and paid training for an individual organization. See the training page for specifics.


This site ( if you are reading this from elsewhere).

The site administrators mailing list. Generally best used for "How do programs handle X?" or "What is your policy/procedure for dealing with Y?" questions. If the answer to your question would require logging in to your site to see something, it may be too specific for the mailing list.

Support requests can be submitted via email to or within the application via the Help menu > Support Request link.

People who are not site administrators should generally start by contacting one of their site administrators. See General Questions above.

Site administrators should also see the Getting Help section on the New Site Administrators page.

Site administrators can configure their site so they receive an email when someone files a support request via the site.

Site administrators can configure the Help menu so it displays a link to an email address.

Site administrators can configure the Help menu so it displays a link to an internal organization help site.

Site administrators can disable the Help menu, and thus the "Support Request" link, per user role in the Viewable User Strip Items section.

Support hours are 7:30am - 7:30pm Eastern Time Zone.

Support Request Priority and Response

Support requests are generally reviewed within 30 minutes of being filed. Some organizations need/want a "severity level" or "severity index", so here you go.

Priority is assigned as follows:

  • Level 1: Site is unreachable or not responding (NB: We have a monitoring system that alerts us to a site being unreachable). Support staff will immediately escalate to all developers and other support staff, and track progress until the issue is resolved. (Response of 30 minutes or less during work hours)

  • Level 2: Critical features are not working. For example intakes cannot be completed, case notes cannot be added, or time cannot be entered. Support staff will escalate to the on-call or appropriate developer. (Response of 30 minutes or less during work hours)

  • Level 3: Users are getting an error using other features of the application. (Response of 1 hour or less during work hours)

  • Level 4: A feature is not working as expected. (Response of 1 day or less during work hours)

  • Level 5: A feature change or new feature request. (Response of 1 week or less during work hours)