System Preferences per User

Timekeeping: Show Start/End Times: This controls whether you will see the start time and end time fields on timeslips. By default, those fields are "hidden" and you need to click the Show Times button on a timeslip to see them.

Timekeeping: Default (non-client) Activity Type: If you record time, this will preselect the Activity Type for you on your non-client timeslips. You will be able to change the type for any specific timeslip as needed.

Non-client Timekeeping Funding Code: If you record time, setting this preference will preselect the funding code when you create a non-client timeslip (time not associated with a specific case). You will be able to change the selection for each timeslip if needed.

Use Rich Editor for Case Notes: Notes you enter in Legal Server use plain text, with no formatting options for bold, italics, or font. Selecting this option will provide some formatting options on notes boxes.

Number of Results that Show in a List: This determines how many results will appear in various listviews in Legal Server. On the Cases tab, for example, the default list of open cases might be over a thousand cases. Instead of retrieving and displaying the entire list, you will see "Viewing 1-20 of 1,555" At the bottom of the list you would see a series of clickable page numbers.

Number of AJAX Search Results: The "AJAX" search boxes appear in several places in Legal Server. These are the boxes where you typically type part of a name and potential matches show up below the box in yellow.

Use Intake Timer (Can be overriden by administrator): If your administrator has not turned off this feature, this puts a checkbox on the first page of all intakes that lets you start a timer to record how much time you spend on an intake.

Preferred Intake Type: If you do intake for your agency, you can preselect the type of intake you normally do. This assume your site administrators have configured the initial intake form to allow intake type to be changed.

You can control certain aspects of how LegalServer looks and operates by setting your system preferences. Look for the "System Preferences" link when you put your mouse cursor over your name at the top right of any page in LegalServer.

Preferences you set only affect what you see. They do not affect other users. After you click the System Preferences link, you see the following page:

Most of the preferences you can set are apparent by the label, like font size and the calendar preferences. The others are: