Replication Site

LegalServer’s backup and disaster prevention services are included in every LegalServer subscription. We backup client site data daily to another server as one of those disaster recovery methods.  

For an additional charge we can replicate a full version of a LegalServer site, providing direct access to a replicated, read-only, instance that is updated as data in the live site changes.

A replication site is a near-real-time copy of a primary site. Replication sites typically reflect changes to the primary site in under 5 minutes.

Reasons organizations opt for this service:

  • Higher frequency snapshots and a visible real-time replica are needed

  • Another non-production site is desired

  • An additional site to conduct ‘what-if’ reporting scenarios

Replication servers are owned and controlled by LegalServer, but this service can be provided with an AWS server owned and controlled by the organization.

One-Time Setup Fee: $1,000 (LegalServer owned server)

One-Time Setup Fee: $2,500 (Client owned server)

Monthly Fee: $100

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