Additional Assistance Block

Allows recording additional types of assistance to an applicant or client that an agency does not want to include as household income. The types are defined in Admin / Lookups, Additional Assistance Types.

This block is typically used on a financial information form, but can be placed on any form.

Each Additional Assistance row has a type dropdown, an optional dollar amount field, and plus/minus buttons to add another entry or remove an existing entry.

This block cannot be used on the first step of an intake process.

Alternate Blocks

Configuration Options:

  • Required - requires at least one additional assistance type to be entered.
  • Show Toggle - determines the initial display of information on a form. Unchecked, the block displays the type and amount fields, and plus/minus buttons. If this option is checked, the block displays "Edit Assistance" with Yes/No options; the default is No, which hides the additional assistance type and amount fields unless Yes is selected.
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