Restricting Access to Documents

All documents are accessible to all users of a LegalServer site by default. This page covers the options available to restrict access.

User Role Permissions

  • Administer Documents: Allows a user to edit and delete any document.
  • Documents - Delete: Allows deleting documents and folders.
  • Edit Document Settings: Allows access to the Admin > Document Settings page.
  • View All Documents: Overrides any document restrictions.
  • View Document List: Allows access to the Admin > Documents page. This is the same page as the navigation bar Documents tab if it is enabled.

Document Settings

The Admin > Document Settings page has two settings related to document restrictions.

Enable Document Program Access Restriction For Non-Case Documents

A user can see a document only if their program (in their user profile) matches one of the programs selected for the document, or if the document has no programs selected in its profile.

Restrict Access to Case Documents to Users Authorized to View the Case

A user can see all documents linked to a case if they have permission to view the case. See Restricting Access to Cases and Links on Cases.

Document Search

The Documents option on the Search menu searches all documents uploaded to LegalServer. If either of the above restrictions are enabled, search results will show documents but not allow access to ones the user is not allowed to view.

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