Data Aggregation

Also known as Sync to Central

Purpose: To transfer semi-anonymized cases from multiple instances of LegalServer to one central LegalServer instance for reporting purposes. A reporting LegalServer site can sync to one or two central LegalServer instances.

Common Use: A statewide funder requires certain data to be submitted from grantees so the funder can run their own reports.

Status: Available


  • One-time setup fee (per reporting site) is $1,200.
  • Monthly fee for a central site is $600. There is no setup fee for a central site.

Reporting sites can transfer a set of cases meeting certain site-specific filtering criteria to a central site. Client name is anonymized, and the Matter/Case ID is prefixed with the site abbreviation. Each site can specify which fields to transfer.


Filtering Reports

Site administrators create a report(s) that pulls in only those cases that should be synced to the central site. Example: Cases closed in the previous year with funding code ABC.

Filtering reports do not determine which fields are synced, only the set of cases that will be synced. See Fields to Transfer below. In the example, a filtering report would only need to contain 3 columns (and filters): Matter/Case ID, Date Closed, and Case Funding Code.

Administrators set the report(s) as the filtering criteria for the sync on the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page in the Statewide Reporting Outgoing section. Sync To Central Primary Source Report, and if used, Sync To Central Secondary Source Report.

Fields to Transfer

By default, all data that transfers via electronic case transfer will also transfer in the sync process. See Information Transferred.

Administrators can override and limit this list by specifying which fields to sync on the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page in the Statewide Reporting Outgoing section. Selecting Fields Included in Synchronization To Statewide Reporting Agency will display the Sync To Central Fields selector. Once a field is selected, the default is overwritten and only the selected fields will be synced. Some calculated fields may be available to select, but do not contain data to sync, such as Total Time Spent [on Case] and Current Age.

Custom fields can be synced if they have been Field Transferred between the sites.

The same rules apply to synced lookup fields as to electronically transferred lookup fields.

Perform a Sync

Site Administrators sync cases on the Admin > Sync to [Name of Central Site] page.

Select all or some of the cases in the list view and click the Synchronize Button on the right.

If your site is set up to sync to a second site, there is a link in the instruction box at the top of the list view allowing you to switch.

Once the sync is underway, you can monitor progress from the sync page.

Central Site

Once the sync is complete, the Central Site can run reports on the synced data using the same fields that the data was collected in on the reporting sites.

Common Questions

  • Can a case by synced more than once? Yes. Any changed data will be updated on the central site.
  • Can we sync a different set of fields to different central sites? No.
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