Time - Capturing the Dollar Value

This help topic is for a site that wants to simply capture a dollar amount for timeslips, and does not need to purchase or implement billing modules.

Enable Hourly Rate on Timeslips

Adding an hourly rate field to a timeslip will calculate and store the Value of Service for that timeslip.

There are two options for adding hourly rate:

  • The simplest option is to add the Hourly Rate field to a dynamic timeslip form.
  • Add the Billable Fields block to a dynamic timeslip form. For simply calculating a Value of Service, ignore "Create Billing Entries" and "User Per-Case Billing Rate" in the block configuration. The other options can be set as desired.

An advantage of the block is that it can default the Hourly Rate based on the value, if any, of the Standard Hourly Rate field in a user's profile. A disadvantage of the block is that the Value of Service field displays on the form but is not updated in real time and can therefore make users think they need to manually calculate and fill in the field (they do not) (Ref: 67460).

Change the Time List View on Cases (Optional)

A site will typically want to enable the Hourly Rate and Value of Service columns on the main case profile.


Billable, Hourly Rate, and Value of Service are fields available on any Timekeeping table or subtable in reports.

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