Associating Cases - Client IDs and Person IDs

This page illustrates the interplay between Client IDs and Person IDs when cases are associated. It is intended as background detail for administrators and report writers of the Associating Multiple Cases with a Client page.

The "Client ID" column in this report is "Case Data > Client". The "Person ID" column is Case Data > Person > Database ID". 

Two clients with similar names, but no association between the two cases:

After associating the second case from the first case, the Client ID is the same:

Changing the name on the second case:

Starting a new intake with a similar name. The conflict check page shows:

Before making any association on the new intake, the report shows:

After associating the new intake with the first case (from 2010):

Deciding that Jr. is not the same client. From the 2011 case, disassociating the 2010 case results in:

And again from the 2011 case, disassociating the 2014 case:

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