Quick Start (LegalServer in 5 Minutes) for Advocates

How do I get in?
A site administrator (staff within your organization) will give you the URL for your site (like abc.legalserver.org) and your login credentials. Open a browser, enter the URL, and go.

Tell me something important
Many parts of LegalServer are controlled by your site administrators. What you see, what you can do. Get to know your site administrators.

Where's my stuff?
Probably on the home page you see after you login (your site administrators control what is on the home page).

  • Look for a "My Assignments" tab showing all the open (and maybe pending) cases you are assigned to.

  • Look for an "Incomplete Intakes" tab showing intakes you are have started but haven't finished. Also possibly a "Prescreens" tab.

I see Jane Doe's case on my home page, how do I work on it?

  • Click the case number link in the list (not the client's name).
  • The Actions menu is your friend (in the light blue bar next to the Search menu). Need to add a note to the case? Actions menu > Add Case Note (or whatever your site administrators have called the link). Need to add time to the case? Actions menu > Add Staff Time. Actions menu > Close Case. You get the idea.

Jane Doe isn't on my home page, is she in the system?
Search menu > People. This searches for applicants, clients, adverse parties, family members, and contacts.

Can I have multiple browser tabs open to different parts of LegalServer? Of course.
Can Gladys and I work on the same case at the same time? Of course. Even add notes at the same time? Yes.

Wait, I do presentations and trainings and work on special projects, but not cases, what about me?
Click the Outreach tab in the dark blue navigation bar. Your site administrators may have changed the tab label to "Other Matters" or "Special Projects" or something entirely different.

Are my friends and family using LegalServer?
Quite possibly. Over 300 (and counting) legal aid, public defender, and other organizations use LegalServer (from Honolulu to Coventry UK). And we've been around for over 15 years. That's thousands and thousands of mostly happy users (we're working on making Gladys happy).

Tell me more
Browse around. Search this site. Take a look at Introduction and Overview to LegalServer. And of course we have a website LegalServer and a Youtube channel. Our Pinterest site is still under construction.

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