So I Have this Spreadsheet of Data

You have this spreadsheet of contacts/users/timeslips/applicants/recipes/something. Can you upload it into LegalServer?

We do not currently have a general "upload data" feature.

We may have an API that lets you add/change data.

If you have a simple set of clean data, we can sometimes upload it for a relatively small cost - possibly as low as $500. "Clean data" means your column of dates doesn't contain cells with things like "20002-133-a" or "asdfghjk" in them. "Simple" means what you want to upload does not touch multiple tables or data relationships.

A typical need is something like: "We got this list of attorneys and want to add them as contacts, or users. With addresses, bar numbers, phone numbers, areas of practice, etc."

That request, and most, must be treated as a "mini data import project". The typical initial cost is $1,800 for us to get the data into a test site, work to map the data points to LegalServer fields, and analyze how clean or dirty the data is. Then we can give you a quote to actually import the data. In some cases, the initial cost will cover this. It all depends on the data, and on whether you want/need to start applying rules to the import (think: Oh, don't import any record where column F contains "Foo" and column G contains "Baz").

If you want to send an initial email asking about your project, include each field you want to touch (usually each column in your spreadsheet).

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