Case Number has the Wrong Year

Question: "Jane did an intake on 12/15/2018, but the case number is 07-0012345. Why? Can I change this?"

Answer: Jane mistyped the prescreen date or intake date. No, you can't change the case number.

When a new matter is created (either a prescreen or an intake), LegalServer takes the last two digits of the prescreen date or intake date to create the first part of the case number.

If Jane needs her case to have a "18-" case number, she'll need to do a new intake with the correct date, then reject the existing case.

Follow Up Question: "Isn't there anything I can do?"

Answer: Sure. The prescreen date and intake date fields allow you to set Min and Max Dates. So some time after the first of the year, you could set the Min Date to 1/1/2018 and the Max Date to 12/31/2018. If someone mistyped 4/1/2001, they would get a required field warning that the date is out of range.

Don't forget to set yourself a reminder to update the Min and Max values at the beginning of the next year.

Even better, if your folks don't need to backdate applications, set those dates to default to "Today" and hide them.

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