Common Adverse Parties

Common Adverse Parties can be added to an intake or case along with other adverse parties. Using common adverse parties provides two benefits:

  • Faster data entry. Users simply pick from a list instead of needing to type in the common adverse party's name. In addition, LegalServer does not perform a database search on common adverse parties, it simply adds that party to the intake or case (by definition, an agency will never represent a common adverse party, so the conflict check, and the time needed to run that database search, is not necessary).

  • Consistent information for reporting. Using common adverse parties results in better reports because you are reporting on lookup values instead of free form text. Reporting on, for example, a common adverse party called "Department of Health" is more reliable than attempting to report on a free form text field that might contain "Dept. of Health", "Health Dept", "Health Department", and so on.

Administrators maintain the list of common adverse parties on the Admin / Common Adverse Parties page.

The Edit link displays the fields associated with each common adverse party.

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