Yearly Maintenance

Updating poverty scales is the only required 'yearly' maintenance a site administrator must do. Other information may need updating if the related feature is being used.

See also: Limiting Changes to Closed Cases

Poverty Scale

This is required for accurate percentage of poverty calculations. DHHS typically publishes the new values in late January, and we post notice to the siteadmins mailing list. As that notice and the help page explain, we cannot automatically update these values; an administrator at each site must enter the new values. See: Poverty Scales.

Area Median Income Scales

Only for sites using the AMI feature. Not truly a 'yearly' item; updates are done by HUD. See: Area Median Income Calculation.

Dates with Limits

These are optional, but can prevent accidental bad data entry, prevent closing cases in a previous year, etc.

  • Min or Max values on the Prescreen Date and Intake Date fields. Min value is usually changed after the first of the year.

  • Min or Max value on Date Closed. Usually changed after a year has "closed out" for reporting purposes.

Other Date Settings

  • Earliest Closing Date in the Restrict Case Re-Open block. Usually changed after a year has "closed out" to prevent reopening of cases closed and reported in previous years. See: Restrict Case Re-Open block.

  • Timekeeping Lock Date on Admin / Timekeeping Settings to prevent timeslips having a Date of Service earlier than this date. See: Timekeeping Lock.

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